Awakening to God App Review

I don't try to hide the fact that I struggle tremendously with my faith. When it comes to my faith, my journey has been arduous, constantly seeming like I'm moving two steps forward and one step back. Just because my mindset regarding my faith is not where I need or want it to be, doesn't mean I don't enjoy faith-based books, apps, and the like. For instance, when I was recently given the opportunity to review the Awakening to God app, I jumped at the chance. 

Awakening to God was founded by Gerald and Jeannie Long who had experienced success and wealth based on the values of the world and also the deepest grief and suffering from the death of two of their three children. On their journey, God has revealed His grace and glory to them in extraordinary ways. In particular, they've experienced how God is able to redeem the most painful areas of our lives and turn them around for good. Gerard has caught a deep awareness of eternity and Jeannie has experienced God's presence and glory when she was close to ending her own life. Their marriage has triumphed when all seemed lost and they've learnt invaluable lessons on their unbelievable journey.

The Awakening to God app is a devotional journal to help you enjoy your walk with God. The app's purpose is to help you sit aside at least 8 minutes a day with God at the start of your day, learning to hear his voice, memorize scripture, pray, and journal. By developing this app, it is the Long's mission to share faith, hope, and love to bring healing to the brokenhearted, freedom to people who are suffering through something, release from darkness to people imprisoned through bad decisions (including addiction and incarceration), and understanding to people asking the big questions of life. 

The Awakening to God app features a section for a daily verse. I found that sometimes the same verse is featured multiple days in a row. I also found that sometimes there's an inspirational quote in this section and not an actual verse from the Bible. It would be great if this section featured Bible verses only or added a separate section for inspirational and/or religious quotes. 

I found the app extremely easy to navigate. Each day you can tell the Lord what you are thankful for, what you think God is speaking to you about, and what you'd like for the Lord to do for you (or someone else). You can also upload a picture each day.  I like to wait until closer to the end of the day (or at least the end of the workday) to do my journaling. While this app is very nice for someone like me who is a beginner and/or struggling with faith, I don't think it would be advanced enough for someone who has been following God for some time or is comfortable with their faith. In any event, I'm hoping this app will help me to grow my relationship with Jesus Christ.    

All profits from the app will go toward providing clean water (a well in 100 villages), 40,000 meals, 15,000 mosquito nets, and medical services to the poor and suffering in India so it's a great way to spend $3.99 no matter where you stand regarding your faith. 

Disclosure:  I received compensation in the form of a $10 iTunes gift card and a calendar in exchange for my review of the Awakening to God app. However, all opinions are my own. 

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