For the Man Who Has Everything, Get Him a Premium 9-Piece Soapstone Whiskey Stones Gift Set with Engraved Wooden Box From Kentucky Stoned

My boyfriend is one of those men who is impossible to buy for. Whether it's a present for our anniversary, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, his birthday, or Christmas, I'm usually stressed out because I can never seem to find the perfect gift for him. When he recently casually mentioned that he wouldn't mind having a glass of good whiskey, I immediately knew what I'd be getting him for Valentine's Day, paired with a set of whiskey stones of course, so when I was approved to review the Premium 9-Piece Soapstone Whiskey Stones Gift Set with Engraved Wooden Box by Kentucky Stoned, the timing couldn't have been better. 

Kentucky Stoned is a premier manufacturer of soapstone whiskey stones and they are designed by whiskey enthusiasts who put flavor and taste first. This premium gift set of whiskey stones features nine 2 cm, non-porous, curved stones that are  made from natural and 100% soapstone, which are said to keep your drink of choice cold without diluting it with unwanted odors of flavors. The soapstone material is completely BPA free and FDA approved so you never have to worry about bacteria or germs making it into your drink. They freeze faster than ice and are supposed to keep your drink cold longer than traditional ice cubes. They do not melt and can be reused over and over again.  The set also comes with a hand crafted wooden box and soft velvet bag for easy storage. 

In my opinion however, these whiskey stones didn't make for a more desirable drinking experience as was expected. When put into the freezer, they did get cold very quickly but as soon as they were put into a drink, they didn't seem to change the temperature of the drink at all, no matter how long we waited.  In fact, the stones themselves seemed to quickly take on the temperature of the drink and lost their coldness right away. On the plus side though, they definitely won't dilute your drink as ice does. They do make for a nice aesthetic effect though.

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  1. I might have to get these for my hubby. Whiskey and bourbon are my hubby's drink of choice. I've always wondered how these worked