Flawless VoxBox Review

It's been a while since I've reviewed one of  theVoxBoxes I've received from Influester.  While every VoxBox is pretty great, I'm especially loving my most recent one, the Flawless VoxBox. 

My Flawless VoxBox contained products from Simple, Harvest Snaps, Yogi Tea, SinfulColors, COVERGIRL, and Dr. Teals, as well as an invite to Ebates (but I'm already a member). 

I've been a big fan of Simple products for many years now. Their products are effective and always gentle on my very sensitive skin. My VoxBox contained a pack of Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes, which of course I loved. It also contained a sample of Simple Micellar Water, which I hadn't tried before. I have however used Micellar Water before, but it was from a very high end expensive brand. I found that the Simple Micellar Water was just as effective, gentle on my skin, and affordable.  

I also received a pack of Harvest Snaps Lightly Salted Snapea Crisps. These snacks have a nice crunch to them and are easy to eat. They are packed full of flavor and taste exactly like peas. They also happen to be a healthy snack. I definitely want to try out Snapea Crisps in other flavors, especially onion thyme and tomato basil.

I've also been a fan of COVERGIRL since I've been a teenager and I love when I get the opportunity to try out their new products. Included in this VoxBox was a COVERGIRL So Lashy! BlastPRO Mascara.  The 3-in-1 brush is made for all lash types. My lashes are short and light and this mascara really adds volume to them, making them bold and beautiful. The specialized ball tip allows me to easily coat my corner lashes and other hard to reach lashes.

I'm not a fan of tea at all, hot or cold, and never have been, but I still gave one of my Yogi Tea samples a try anyway (Honey Lavender Stress Relief). While it did have a wonderful, soothing aroma, I still didn't much care for the taste.  I did love the inspirational quote on the tag of my tea bag, "May this day bring you peace, tranquility, and harmony." I'll share my other tea sample with a tea-loving co-worker. 

Since I'm a nail biter and also couldn't paint my nails to save my life and since my tween niece has her nails polished 90% of the time, I gave her my SinfulColors nail polish from the Kylie Jenner Collection in a beautiful shade of pink (Miss Klaws). She immediately tried it out and loved it.

I haven't had the chance to try out the Dr. Teals Eucalyptus Epsom Salt Soak yet but my boyfriend has. He has arthritis in one of his feet, especially around the big toe area, and adding this Epsom salt to some warm water was a great way for him to relax and it actually made his toe feel a lot better. It also has a nice scent. Myself, I can't wait until I can find the time to draw me a hot bath and soak in the tub with some of this Epsom salt uninterrupted while listening to my Phantom of the Opera soundtrack (that's my happy place).

I didn't need an invite to Ebates because I've been a member for a while now. I love Ebates because I do a lot of shopping online and it's nice to receive money back on my purchases. If you're not a member yet, you can sign up here:  https://www.ebates.com/r/ABAILE171?eeid=28187. 

So, tell me what's your favorite product that I received in my Flawless VoxBox? 

*Disclosure:  I received the above products for free for testing purposes in the Flawless VoxBox from Influenster.

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