Send Your Girls Back to School With Heat Holders Leggings

The kids in my area have been back to school now for 6 weeks, which means I've attended six high school football games so far, and each one has been laden with young kids. Watching all these kids run around, especially the tween/teen girls, there's one thing I can say for certain and that is they love to wear leggings. They can pair them with just about, flats, sneakers, tank tops, tees, name it. Fall is almost in full force in Ohio, which means cooler weather, and I couldn't imagine leggings providing much protection from cool weather, especially during a Friday night football game. 

However, Heat Holders Leggings aren't like ordinary leggings.  These 0.52 TOG Thermal Leggings are made from an advanced insulating yarn and have a soft-brushed inner pile that maximizes the amount of warm air held close to the skin, providing high performance insulation. Heat Holders provided my 12-year-old niece with a free pair of their leggings in black for review (they also come in navy, brown, and purple). When they arrived they looked so tiny that I could never imagine them fitting her but they have built-in stretch and they ended up fitting her perfectly. They are made of 93% Polyester and 7 % Elastane and have an elasticated waistband and a comfort gusset panel, making them comfortable to wear all day. They are also a tad bit thicker than most leggings I've seen, making these the perfect leggings to wear during the cold weather months. 

My niece wears leggings several days a week. In the particular picture above, she paired her Heat Holders Leggings with a casual midi dress. These are now her most comfortable pair of leggings and the only ones that can keep her warm and toasty when the weather is cold, especially at Friday night football games, so she can stay stylish all year round.

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*Disclosure:  Heat Holders provided me with a free pair of leggings in exchange for my honest review.

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