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A while back, I became fascinated by essential oils and even started a small collection of basic oils. Wanting to use essential oils for more than just diffusing, I also got a DIY book of essential oil recipes so that I could blend my own massage oils, lotions, and perfumes, create beauty and home cleaning products, and even blend remedies for a range of ailments. What I ended up learning was that most of these recipes required essential oils that I didn't yet have and that essential oils can be quite costly. 

If you've followed by blog long enough, you also know that I'm a huge fan of subscription boxes so when I heard about Simply Earth, a monthly subscription box containing a curated selection of essential oil recipes, including all the key ingredients you need to make them, I was immediately intrigued. For $39 a month (which is about the price of just one bottle from the big guys), you'll receive 5 essential oils, 5-7 recipes, recipe ingredients, and recipe containers, as well as extras such as labels and ribbon to make your recipes. All Simply Earth oils are tested 100% pure with no additives or fillers, just pure nature plant goodness. 

November's Simply Earth Essential Oil Box that I received has a Christmasy theme to it and includes 5 essential oils, including rosemary, pine, and Frankincense,  as well as a mini spray bottle, a mini Mason jar, a couple of glass bottles, some ribbon, tulle, labels, and 6 recipe cards. Using the included recipes, I was able to easily blend some nice holiday scents to use in my diffuser or spray throughout my home, as well as a Christmas Air Freshener. There was also a recipe for DIY Scented Ornaments, which I'll make with my niece a little closer to Christmas. 

I am absolutely in love with this box. The scents are wonderful and very natural smelling. The recipes are very easy to follow and since all the key ingredients are included in the box you don't have to have a lot of extra materials to make the recipes. I know that it's hard to just order one Mason jar or a couple of glass bottles as these are usually sold in bulk. I have very minimal experience with essential oils and I've enjoyed this box immensely. In fact, someone with no experience with essential oils at all would feel like a seasoned pro with this box. There is even room for those who are on the crafty side to add their special extra touches.

You should definitely also check out the inspiring story of how Simply Earth got started. As Simply Earth is a "company that advocates for the voiceless, empowers their employees, and allows buyers to change the world," 13% of their profits are donated to organizations that are changing the world, such as organizations fighting to end human trafficking. 

Precisely Mine readers who sign up for a Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box, can use code PTFREEDIF to receive a free essential oil diffuser with their subscription. You can sign up here:

Confused?  Below is a note from Simply Earth's team on how to receive your free diffuser:

"You need both Simply Earth's essential oil recipe box and the diffuser in your cart for the coupon: PTFREEDIF to work to get your free diffuser when you sign up for Simply Earth's subscription box. 

So sign up here for the box 

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*Disclosure:  I received a free Essential Oil Recipe Box from Simply Earth in order to write this review. However, no other compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.

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