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As a thriving member of Dealspotr, I find myself probing the internet on a daily basis searching for stores offering deals that I can post and share with essentially anyone looking for a great deal. In the process, I have found an immense amount of previously unheard of (at least by me) shops and boutiques selling unique items. Here's a list of some of my favorite new shops and boutiques (in no particular order) and a little more about them. 

Wanderer Bracelets are hand carved in Bali using all-natural water buffalo bone. When you wear your bracelet you are helping to support the artisans who made it as your purchase creates reliable work opportunities for them. In addition to selling unique handmade bracelets with a lot of meaning behind them, you can also purchase  a keepsake box to keep your bracelet(s) in, as well as stickers and gift cards. 

I purchased one of the stickers that Wanderer Bracelets offers for my son that reads "Not all those who wander are lost." If you know my son you would know that this describes him perfectly. 

It's all about heart over at Ruby's Rubbish and as wives, mothers, and women they completely understand that sometimes life is a beautiful mess. Every shirt they make is an adventure, a moment of life bottled and preserved. Some days you just feel like a "Sweet Southern Mess" but every day you should feel "Deerly Blessed." On most days, my step-daughter is exactly that, a "Sweet Southern Mess" but at the end of every day I think she secretly feels "Deerly Blessed." At least I hope so. At Ruby's Rubbish, I found a handful of Johnny and June Cash shirts that just seem to speak my step-daughter's name.

There's the Johnny and June, Because You're Mine I Walk the Line, Cash, and I Keep a Close Watch on This Heart of Mine, which come in pullovers, tanks, T-shirts, and/or baseball tees. In addition to shirts, you can pick up a cosmetic bag or a dress at Ruby's Rubbish.

SassyBelleWares is a proud member of The Artisan Group and blends contemporary materials, semi-precious gemstones, and whimsical found elements into original designs that work for all ages and occasions. SassyBelleWares jewelry has been gifted to celebrities attending special events, such as the MTV Movie Awards, and has been seen on multiple television shows, such as The Vampire Diaries, Law and Order SVU, and Parenthood.

My favorite pieces at SassyBellWares is the guitar pick jewelry. One piece in particular caught my eye, a bracelet that says "When Words Fail Music Speaks." My son is an aspiring songwriter/musician and he has a pillow with this saying on it so I know he'd love this piece as well. 

At Poster Gully, you can discover products designed by thousands of creative people, including wall decor, clothing, stationery, greeting cards, notebooks, tote bags, coffee mugs, and more.  Again, music is a big part of my family and I especially love the music section at Poster Gully where you can find unique, inspirational, and fun music related products. There are literally too many products for me to pick a favorite but whether you like Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Green Day, Bob Marley, or Taylor Swift, they will have something that speaks to you. 

Ever since I was a teenager, I've had a thing for tie dye and aliens, and Teen Hearts Clothing has combined these two loves of mine for an exceptional line of shirts and accessories. I felt a bit nostalgic while browsing their shirts. 

Teen Hearts Clothing just wants you to stay weird, and I have for all these years. I so would have applied to model their clothes when I was a teen. If you have a teen that could relate to Teen Hearts Clothing and would love to model for them, they can apply for their chance here.

You'll find each one of these shops or boutiques listed on Dealspotr, along with hundreds to even thousands more, where you'll find coupon codes to save you money when shopping.  

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