My Best #BackToSchool Tip

There are lots of things that parents can do to make the first day back to school run as smoothly as possible for both them and their kids. There are the obvious things like getting up a littler earlier than you normally would and picking out an outfit and packing a lunch the night before so the first morning back isn't so hectic. Most parents only think about how to make the first morning back to school easier but don't put much thought into how to make the evening of that first day back to school less stressful. What I'm actually referring to is all those mandatory forms that your kids you bring home the first day of school for you to fill out, most of which have to be filled out and sent back in with them the next day or at least by the end of the week (which is usually a short week). I don't know about you but when my son gets home from his first day of school, I don't want to fill out a stack of forms, I want to take a picture in his first day back to school outfit and I want to hear all about his day, what he thought of his new teachers and new classes, did he meet anybody new, what he learned, does he have homework, etc.

What I've been doing for the past couple of years is visiting the school's website a few weeks before school starts and printing out all the necessary forms. This way, I get to fill them out at my own convenience and send them in with my son on the first day of school. And when he gets home from school that first day we don't have to worry about the added stress of all these pesky forms, but we can get right down to business about discussing his day. You may not even realize that this is an option so be sure to visit your schools website and find out. 

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  1. This is actually a great post, with a good tip. I also hate having to revisit the stack of forms each year that comes home randomly on the first days of starting back.