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Going back to school means something different for each parent and each student. For some it means a fresh start to a new school year, new friends, new teachers, new classes, etc. and for others it means re-starting familiar nightly and morning routines such as packing lunches, choosing outfits, homework, etc. For my son and I, back to school also means the start of a new high school football season. While my son is putting in a lot of hours in the weight room and the football field, I'm putting in extra hours in the kitchen. Every Thursday (the day before game day), my son's team has what they call a "Feed the Team" where each player is responsible for bringing in either a pasta dish, bread, or dessert.  They also have a big banquet at the end of the season in which the parents provide all of the sides and desserts as well. This is where kidecals comes into the picture.  

Kidecals makes waterproof, laundry safe, microwave safe, and washer safe labels that can be personalized to fit your needs. When I send in dishes for "Feed the Team" and the end of the year banquet, etc. I like to label them to let others know what the dish is and who made it. If they know who made it, they know who to give the bakeware back to if needed, and if they really liked the dish they know who they can get the recipe from. I personalized the kitchen tools label at kidecals with my name. I chose the 2 inch labels but they also come in 3 inch labels as well. This was a very easy process. I liked this label because it includes a blank box. You could personalize the label with your name in this box or you could use this space for writing what the recipe is, a date, note, etc. It's easy to write on the label but keep in mind once you write on it, it doesn't come off. On the plus side however, if you make a lot of the same recipes like I do then this shouldn't be much of a problem.  During the personalization process, you can change the font size and color if you wish. The label was easy to apply to the lid of my casserole dish. The label itself is very thick and durable. It stayed in place through washing. When you're ready to remove your label, it leaves behind no sticky residue. 

At kidecals, you can find labels for just about anything, including fun labels for mom. I also received a set of scary mommy mine stickers, which is a limited edition design by Jill Smokler of The label includes an image of skull and crossbones and reads:  “This is mom’s. She craved it, she bought it, and she’s saving it for herself. Should you choose to consume it, she will not be held responsible for her actions. You’ve been warned.” Sometimes I like to buy myself a treat that I don't plan on sharing with anyone else in the house. This label can be stuck on that said treat as a clever way to warn anyone who sees it that it belongs to mom. 
Kidecals also makes custom decals and can print just about anything and up to 28 inches wide. They can also reprint photos, make canvases, or paint or design something new just for you. Some ideas include custom labels for party favors, custom nursery decals, bumper stickers for marketing campaigns, banners for businesses and parties, address labels for invitations, personalized decals for party glasses and more. 

What kind of decal would you personalize at kidecals? Check them out and you can save 15% off your order with coupon code:  summersavings.

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Disclosure:  Thanks to kidecals for providing me with a code so that I could purchase these labels for free. I was not obligated in any way to review them but loved them so much that I did anyway. :)

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