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My friend Angie over at the Luv Saving Money blog knows that much like her I love saving money as well, so she invited me to Dealspotr. Dealspotr is very community oriented and is a place where people like you and I can not only find great deals but post great deals as well. It is their mission at Dealspotr to create the world's easiest, fastest, and most trustworthy tool for finding deals. Their goal is to list valid deals for every store, brand, and mainstream product but most importantly filter out all the stuff that doesn't work. To achieve this, Dealspotr is taking an open-source approach (think:  Wikipedia), which means couponing enthusiasts, deal finders, and anyone living a frugal lifestyle work collaboratively to curate the world's most complete and accurate database for deals. At Dealspotr, their community is their backbone and they've designed their platform and business model to incorporate their community as the centerpiece. Part of Dealspotr's mission, in addition to making deals easy, is to make sharing deals and advice more rewarding for their members, both in terms of financial rewards as well as social rewards. They've developed a sophisticated system that measures how each community member performs in terms of saving shoppers money and in turn they get rewarded through e-gift cards commensurate with their success. They also emphasize social connectivity on Dealspotr, offering a variety of ways for their members to connect with each other, keep up-to-date with their friends and followers, and gain recognition and visibility for being a great contributor.

Of course I love finding great deals on Dealspotr but I love posting deals as well (which is super easy), which earns me Amazon gift cards. Since joining Dealspotr in February (a little only 2 months ago) I've already earned $45 in Amazon gift cards, which is perfect because I do a lot of shopping on Amazon. In case you're wondering where I find the deals that I post on Dealspotr, well I find them via various social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram and in my email, even in my spam box. If the deal I'm posting has already been posted by another member, it tells me so, which means at Dealspotr you won't find duplicate deals for the same store or product. Unlike many similar sites, at Dealspotr you also won't find a bunch of expired deals cluttering up the site either. There are so many ways to earn points at Dealspotr that you're just going to have to join (it's free by the way) to find out for yourself. 

You can join me on Dealspotr here: 

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  1. I do like to save money!! I see you found a sports bra for 50% off. Good for you.... I wear sports bras quite often.