Make Money With Your Spam Mail

If you're anything like me, you probably get an abundant amount of emails everyday from various companies telling you about their newest deal. They might be offering free shipping off a $20 or more purchase or they might be offering 10% their entire site or maybe just an extra 15% off clearance items or they might be offering a promo code that will give you an extra $10 off plus free shipping.  Whatever the case may be, with Dealspotr you can now post these deals on their site and earn karma points which will then earn you Amazon gift cards. There are other ways you can earn karma points but the easiest way is simply by referring new members. I've only been a member of Dealspotr for about a week and have already earned a $5 Amazon gift card and I'm well on my way to earning a $10 Amazon gift card. It's so easy to post deals at Dealspotr and in the process you will find lots of other amazing deals. 

I'd love it if you'd check out Dealspotr and use my referral link below to sign up and start using all those spam emails in your inbox to your advantage. 

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