Fuller House Review

Full House was my favorite TV show in the 90s and I was sad when the series ended in 1995 after being on air for 8 years. I would watch my favorite TV family every day after school on our little TV that only got 13 channels, which was also the kind where you had to actually get up and walk to the set if you wanted to change the volume or station. Over the years, I've watched plenty of Full House reruns so naturally I was stoked when I found out they were making a spin-off called Fuller House and I was even more stoked when I found out most of the original cast members would be returning. 

Fuller House debuted this past weekend and since it's a Netflix original series, that meant I could watch all 13 episodes the first day. While I didn't finish the first season the day it aired, I did finish by the end of the weekend. Being a fan of the original show, I was not disappointed in Fuller House. I loved seeing so many of the the original cast members and I loved the new ones introduced. Fuller House is witty and all the episodes are just as corny as the original, but that's what I loved about Full House in the first place. I loved all the puns, catchphrases, and the flashbacks to the original series. While I was disappointed that neither one of the Olsen twins would not be participating in Fuller House, their presence was very much there and hopefully one or the other will make at least a guest appearance if Fuller House gets picked up for another season. 

Fuller House is a bit more risque than Full House was, but it has been 29 years since the original show aired so that is to be expected. You will see some of the characters enjoy a glass of wine or a tequila shot once in a while. The ladies of Fuller House might occasionally wear an outfit when going out that some might think is inappropriate, too short or showing too much cleavage, but the entire casts day to day outfits are very trendy and very much appropriate and I'd love to get my hands on a few of them. You'll even hear the word damn a time or too. Let's not forget about the sexual innuendos. To all you naysayers out there, it's 2016 so cut it out, as I would like to think Joey would say. 

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