How Live Ultimate Skincare Helps Me #LiveUltimate

Living an ultimate lifestyle requires ultimate skincare and Live Ultimate provides just that with their line of all natural, organic skin and sun care products. Their mission is to bring the benefits of a purpose-driven life, led my Mother Nature, into the limelight. The Live Ultimate brand is about more than just skincare however. They are about both social responsibility and environmental sustainability as well. The sustainably resourced ingredients they use in their products help keep the environment clean. Also, the Live Ultimate web presence is part of a 100% Carbon Neutral Web Hosting Community where the electricity from their servers is offset by wind power to reduce their carbon footprint. From their people to their products down to their devices, the Live Ultimate brand lives ultimate so that their customers can too. The Live Ultimate brand promises to not only deliver an experience that makes life better for their customers, but for everyone in the world and plant we all share. They've done this by creating THE LIVE ULTIMATE END CHILD HUNGER INITIATIVE, a grassroots movement with an effort to end child hunger in America. From 2012-2014, Live Ultimate was a collaborative campaign partner of Share our Strength and No Kid Hungry through their annual Live Ultimate Run. As Live Ultimate continues to grow, so does their mission to help as many people to live their best lives possible. They don't call this charity work, they call it their responsibility.  
The Live Ultimate product line currently includes nine skin and sun care products, which are all made with all natural, organic ingredients, are paraben free, free of artificial fragrances and dyes, not tested on animals, and made in the USA. I recently had the opportunity to try the CamuSuperberry Intensive Moisturizing Night Creme, which is an intensive moisturizer for immediate nourishment and hydration. The foundation of this moisturizer lies within the Amazonian superfruit, the Camu Camu Berry, known to be the highest natural source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is considered by many skin care experts to be the ultimate anti-aging remedy by providing potent antioxidant protection and shielding the skin from damaging free radicals that promote premature aging so this night creme will not only leave your skin feeling moisturized, it can help to decelerate aging and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

This CamuSuperberry Intensive Moisturizing Night Creme helps me to live ultimate everyday, especially on Friday nights under the lights, which is one of my favorite places to be. You're probably wondering what I mean by that so let me explain. My son is part of a high school football team who was recently on their way to a state championship when they lost their semifinals game this past Friday night. We had to travel a little over 2 hours to the stadium where the temperature was cold and it rained the entire time. I generously applied this night creme just before leaving the house. It's thicker in consistency, easy to apply, and a little goes a long way. It absorbs well. It doesn't have any kind of scent to it. My skin is also very sensitive and this did not cause any kind of reaction whatsoever. Even though the weather was horrible and my son's team lost, my face stayed moisturized the entire night and was soft and felt rejuvenated so that I felt good and I could be the best Football Mom possible afterwards. I knew all the right things to say and when it was better to say nothing at all. I'm proud of my son and his teammates and I'm glad that the Live Ultimate brand could be a part of this special moment that we'll remember forever.


Anyway, this is how the Live Ultimate brand helps me to live ultimate. So, what's your story? How does/would Live Ultimate products help you live ultimate? Through December 15, when you purchase Live Ultimate products, you'll receive their holiday discount, which is 25% off.

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  1. How exciting for your son's football team to make it as far as they did. I'm looking for a new moisturizer. I'm gonna check out the site now

  2. I need to start using skin care products on my skin. I never really has the need for skin care until 15 years ago. I started getting horrible acne after I had my son. I think I've finally got it under control for the most part. Mary Shortridge