Weruva Canned Dog Food Review

Disclosure:  I received the below product for free in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

It's been a little while since Tyson and Crook tried a new canned dog food so I was happy when they were given the opportunity by Chewy.com to review Weruva Canned Dog Food. Weruva is a line of luxurious natural and grain free (which is a common allergy trigger for dogs) pet food that is suitable for all life stages. Weruva Canned Dog Food comes in many different sumptuous flavors, including Steak Frites with Beef, Pumpkin & Sweet Potatoes in Gravy

When I first opened the Weruva Canned Dog Food, the first thing I noticed was the nice aroma to it. It also looked pretty tasty as well in my opinion with the potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin being visible along with shredded beef, which could easily be torn into smaller sized pieces if needed. I thought this would be a tasty, hearty treat to add on top of Tyson and Crook's dry dog food.  I thought Tyson and Crook would love it but to my dismay they didn't seem all that excited about this dog food. On three separate occasions, Crook would reluctantly only take a couple of bites of it before calling it quits, leaving Tyson to finish the rest, which he did very slowly, which isn't like him at all when it's something that he loves. I wish I could ask them why they didn't care for it because it smells and looks mighty tasty in my opinion and it's good for them. 

I was almost certain that Tyson and Crook would be ecstatic about this canned dog food from Chewy.com and I'm disappointed that they didn't seem to care for it for some reason but that doesn't mean your dog wouldn't enjoy Weruva Canned Dog Food or other Weruva products sold at Chewy.com.

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  1. That dog food looks almost good enough for me to eat. Very healthy.