How My Teen Prepared To Be A Driver With #ad

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In June, my son turned 15-1/2 years old, which meant in the state of Ohio he could attain his driver's permit and start preparing for his drivers license. To make sure he was adequately prepared, I turned to where he was able to take an online driver's ed course, which in the state of Ohio replaced the classroom course, which meant no rushing around and fighting traffic on the evenings and weekends to try to get him to the next town in time for driver's education classes. This online driver's ed course took him on a virtual road trip across the U.S., teaching him everything he needed to know to become a safe driver, including basic seat adjustments to complex maneuvers like merging and parallel parking. When my son was interacting with, he wasn't made to feel like he was in the classroom, although he was learning a lot through questions, pictures, videos, quizzes, etc. It was a different learning experience than just reading a book or listening to an instructor.

He was able to learn at his own pace and could start and stop the program at any time and go back and review any completed section as well, which was perfect for his sometimes short attention span and our busy and hectic schedules due to work and sports. He didn't feel pressured at all doing it at his own pace.

I was pleasantly surprised when touched on topics that I never even thought about discussing with my son yet, such as being an organ and tissue donor. There was even a very informative video during the course, which we watched together, about why this is important. I'm proud to say that after watching the video my son definitely decided to be an organ and tissue donor and didn't hesitate saying yes when asked about it at the BMV. I'm not a donor currently but I plan to change this very soon. Road rage was also another important topic discussed. Different scenarios were given and my son learned some great tips on what to do if he were ever put into a road rage situation.  

I love that the drivers ed course is something that teens and their parents can experience together. I didn't feel left out and I was able to jump right in at any time and learn or re-learn a thing or two as well. For instance, I jumped in one evening when my son was in the course and learning about SMMOG (signal, mirror, mirror, over shoulder, and go) and thought it was an interesting approach on teaching new drivers how to turn and switch lanes properly.

If you're interested in for your teen, you'll want to begin with the very informative start video. It will explain what exactly is all about, making the learning process easy and fun and not making your teen feel like they're in detention. You can learn even more about and sign your teen up for the course on the OH landing page. There is also a whole video library full of helpful videos, driving tips, fun facts, etc. for drivers of all ages. did a wonderful job at teaching him the rules of the road and how to be a safer driver. After he completed the course, it was very easy to order his Ohio Completion Certificate, which arrived in less than a week. With the completion of this Ohio DPS Approved Online Drivers Ed course and him attaining his completion certificate, all we have to do now is find a driving school nearby so we can schedule him an appointment with a driving instructor. Once this is completed, he'll be able to get his driver's license, and I'm confident he'll be a safer driver thanks to 

Ohio residents can purchase this course for 50% off at Amazon Local OH.

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  1. It is scary watching your child learn to drive. Teaching them to drive safe is a very good thing.