National Medical Transcription Week 2015 Celebration

For the third year in a row, I made my co-workers gift bags to celebrate our (in my opinion) under appreciated profession within the healthcare community, medical transcription. For  National Medical Transcription Week 2015 (May 17-23), I found 11 awesome sponsors who were willing to donate products for the gift bags. I've already reviewed these products on my blog recently but I just wanted to give these sponsors one final big THANK YOU for their generosity. 

A gift bag wouldn't be complete without snacks, candy, sweets, or something that can be munched on so Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP donated some of their snacks and everyone received either a bag of puffs or popcorn. Original Gourmet also donated mini lollipops bags and Cox's Honey donated tubs of creamed honey. Little Obsessed donated Food & Fitness Mini Journals, which we'll all definitely need after this week of celebrating. For us to pamper ourselves, Vitabath donated some samples of their body washes and Come Clean donated Pop Culture Soaps, which can be used on dogs as well. Everyone can appreciate a nice personalized gift and Glass With a Twist donated some heavy duty personalized beer mugs that we'll be able to use for years to come and Gotcha Covered Notebooks donated everyone their very own personalized notebook. A couple of very talented ladies also donated some handmade items. Silly Mama Quilts donated some handmade Mug Rugs, which can be used for all sorts of things, and Grandma's Little Lilly donated some handmade lanyards, which of course with us working in the healthcare industry are very useful.

And finally, my most generous donation came from MADiL (Make a Difference in Life) who donated everyone $20 gift cards to their site toward the purchase of flip flops which can be customized with bands and charms. I presented the gift cards in organza bags that I won from Evermine and I stuffed everything in some hibiscus print tote bags that I bought from Amazon. Everyone was very impressed with the gift bags this year and loved everything inside. I can't even begin to thank the sponsors enough for their generous donations, making these the most impressive gift bags yet. 

Also during the week we had a carry-in, as well as an ice cream social. These are always great ways to celebrate and they gave us the opportunity to all sit down together and enjoy each other's company, which we rarely have the opportunity to do. 

All in all, my co-workers and I had a nice week celebrating our profession and as always their favorite day of the week was gift bag day so I'd once again like to thank all the wonderful sponsors who donated items and made these gift bags possible this year. 

Do you do similar celebrations at your workplace? How do you celebrate? 


  1. Thanks so much for the great gift bags!!!

  2. I think it's nice that all these companies help you out with medical transcription week.

  3. You did a great job doing the work to put this together for your coworkers. I'm sure they appreciate it