Review of Cox's Creamed Honey

I was super excited when Cox's Honey agreed to generously donate some of their honey for the National Medical Transcription Week 2015 gift bags I'm making for my co-workers, which you'll hear more about in May, but I was even more excited when they told me they would be sending creamed honey. Why was I so excited about reviewing creamed honey? Well, because I've never tried creamed honey before. Actually, I'd never even heard of creamed honey until I visited Cox's website to learn more about them. *Gasp* Anyway, here's their story in their own words...

"Delaun Mills Cox started the bee business about 1880 with a few colonies of bees as a side-line to other farming operations in Orderville, Utah. He produced honey to supply about the only sweet obtainable for his family and that small community.

Thirty-three years later he came to Shelley, Idaho, and started keeping bees again as a hobby, but made more money as a hobbyist beekeeper during World War I than from all his previous holdings. During the following years honey prices became depressed and in 1925 his son Orville S. Cox took over his bee business which became his tool of trade for his livelihood and raising his family. He produced, packaged, and sold clover honey. He also offered and sold comb honey. Overtime, Orville established his honey as a benchmark in superiority and purity. He marketed his honey under the trade name of “Cox Honey Farms.” Through a unique process, he created and established “Delicious Creamed Honey” which is recognized all over the nation as one of the best flavored and firm textured honey in the United States. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away from nature’s finest sweet.

In 1970 Orville formed a corporation with his sons Roy and Merrill, later joined by his grandson Terry Brunson. They have worked hard for over 30 years to bring to you nature’s own sweetener with all its wholesome delicious goodness. To this day they still enjoy beekeeping and offering the best honey on the market. Like their fathers before, Brian, Brent, Kendall, and Clay are continuing the “Cox Honey” tradition. With a firm understanding of the past, they are looking to the future with optimism and high hopes. They have a solid commitment to offering the purest and best honey on the market. They also have a firm resolve to not give into market pressures by cheapening the Cox Honey name. Today, Cox’s Honey offers Pure Clover Honey and Delicious Creamed Honey."
Okay, now back to the creamed honey. Cox's Creamed Honey is the most natural tasting, unrefined honey I've ever tried. It's sweet and so delicious. This is all because of the screening process that they use, which allows the most important features of honey, pollens, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, to remain within the honey. And their honey isn't compromised by another kind of honey or blended with off-shore honey. Basically, Cox's Honey is Pure American Honey. The creamed honey is thick in consistency and almost looks like slightly melted ice cream, but it comes out rather easily with a spoon, and in fact that's my favorite way of enjoying it, by the spoonful. It's easy to eat and almost seems to melt in my mouth. But if you'd like to enjoy this spread over a biscuit, muffin, etc., it does spread easily. It doesn't have to be refrigerated and can be stored in a cool, dry place such as your cupboard or pantry. 

Cox's Honey is a brand of honey that I'm going to continue to use. I want to try their liquid honey next. What's your favorite way to enjoy honey and have you ever tried Cox's Honey?

The extraction, heating, screening, packaging, and blending processes at Cox’s Honey set them apart. Check out just how they do it by clicking here. Also, don't bee a stranger and stay connected. 


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  1. I used to buy something called honey butter that was whipped like this.

  2. This sounds amazing. I'm a sucker for creamed anything. I don't know why, the consistency I guess