Come Clean Pop Culture Soap Review

Yvonne Kai created Come Clean because her love for beauty products was conflicting with her journey towards wellness. She wanted something beautiful yet effective and free of harsh chemicals. Through research and experimentation, Yvonne formulated a moisturizing kosher glycerin bar which is all natural and vegan, that is safe for both humans and dogs, with all the ingredients made in the USA. Come Clean Soap is safe to use as a hand or body soap for people and also a shampoo bar for pets. Come Clean Pop Culture Soaps are whimsical bath soaps that pay homage to the most important pillars in pop culture today, New York, fashion, pets, music, and media. Check out more of Yvonne's story and see what her inspiration was for creating Come Clean Soap.

I recently reached out to Yvonne and she very generously agreed to donate some Pop Culture Soaps for the National Medical Transcription Week 2015 gift bags I'm making for my co-workers, which you'll hear more about in May. 
The heart shaped Pop Culture Soap she sent me is super cute and clever with a plastic conversation heart inside, giving it a very whimsical feel. While I have two dogs who I love dearly, who really enjoy bath time, I decided to keep this soap for myself. After all, it can be used for both people and their pets. It's a decent sized bar of soap that is transparent, light pink in color, with a fresh, clean scent to it. It's very smooth and it lathers very well. I used it as a hand soap a couple of times before using it in the shower. It's very gentle on my sensitive skin and it seems to moisturize well. On about the third time using it in the shower, the tiny conversation heart appeared. While I decided not to bathe my dogs using this soap, that doesn't mean they didn't get to check it out. For some reason they like to sneak into the bathroom after every has had their shower and lick the leftover water from the floor of the shower and lick the soap if they can reach it. They definitely gave this soap a few licks and it didn't bother their tummies whatsoever.  

There are many Pop Culture soaps available in heart or rectangular shapes with different scents with a novelty toy/collectible inside each one. Or if you're still on the fence about Come Clean soaps, you can purchase the Pebbles Soap, which is 10 small samples with each sample being enough for two baths for a large size dog or about one bath for a person. These novelty soaps are perfect for gift bags, party favors, house guests, pets or human, etc. With Easter coming up, they'd be perfect in Easter baskets for making someone feel extra special. 
I was really into the whole alien theme when I was a teenager and when I saw this alien theme Pop Culture Soap that Yvonne posted on Instagram it instantly became my favorite. What is your favorite soap in Yvonne's Etsy Shop or what kind would you like to see in the future?
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  1. So cute, it's so nice that you take the initiative to make these bags up every year for your coworkers. Awesome that these companies want to be a part of it. This soap is so cute. I bet my kids would like it

  2. I like soaps free of chemicals too!! My kids get it for me as gifts.
    Your dogs like to lick soap.... reminds me of my one dog who used to come in and drink my bath water every time I got in the tub.