Review of Mirage Premium Organic Argan Oil From Crave Naturals

*Disclosure:  I was sent a free Mirage Premium Organic Argan Oil from Crave Naturals, however, I did not receive any other form of compensation for my review and all opinions expressed are my own.*

Mirage Premium Organic Argan Oil from Crave Naturals is an eco-certified, 100% all natural pure luxury serum for hair, skin, and nails. This Argan Oil is of the purest form (derived from the fruit of Moroccan Argan Trees) and contains only one ingredient, cold pressed Argan Oil that is imported directly from Morocco so there are no chemicals of any kind, synthetics, parabens, or silicone additives. It comes with both a dripper cap and a spray cap to suit your needs. 

When used on the hair, this Argan Oil is said to increase shine and hydration of hair and can revitalize and restore dry, brittle, damaged, or dull hair due to color treating, using heating tools, and everyday environmental pollutants. This Argan Oil keeps my hair looking healthy with a nice shine. I actually think it even makes my hair feel a bit softer and more manageable. It is said to also slow hair loss and improve strength along with relieving itchy, dry, and irritated scalps. 

This Argan Oil can be used on the skin as well. I like to use it as a daily facial moisturizer because it gives my face an instant glow and it keeps it hydrated well. I definitely feel pampered after I use this Argan Oil. It can also help renew skin cells and moisturize irritated skin due to pesky conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It is said to minimize the look of stretch marks and scars. It is great for dry areas of the body such as elbows, knees, lips, and feet. 

This Argan Oil can also be used on the nails to help strengthen dry, brittle nails, reducing breakage, and soften the cuticles. I'm a habitual nail biter so I didn't even attempt to use this product on my nails. I'm saving it all for my skin and hair. 

To find out more about this Mirage Premium Organic Argan Oil and other Crave Naturals products, visit A 2 ounce bottle of this oil can be purchased for $29. That price is a little bit steep but a little of this oil seems to go a long way and it's a nice feeling to splurge on yourself once in a while, especially on a product that makes you look and feel good. 

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  1. My nails could sure use this. I tell you... this winter has been so hard on them.

  2. I have heard about using argan oil for hair. I've used commercial products that have argan oil in them but I never tried pure argan oil for my hair. I think my hair could use this