Danklo Monthly Gift Box Review and Giveaway

*Disclosure:  I received one free Danklo monthly subscription box in order to perform this review. However, no other compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.*

I love monthly subscription boxes and I've tried my fair share of them over the years...food boxes, pet boxes, beauty boxes. Danklo monthly subscription box is a bit different though. This monthly subscription box is stuffed with gifts personalized to fit your lifestyle, gifts that are unique yet usable in your everyday life. There are three different subscriptions to choose from (standard, pro, and prime) and you can cancel at any time. Danklo is also the first and only monthly subscription box that gives back to their subscribers by stuffing cash in every box. Every box in guaranteed to have at least $1.00 inside but could contain up to $1,000. But if you're not completely happy, Danklo has a return policy

I most recently had the opportunity to review a prime subscription box, which can include from one to five items and a random amount of cash. The monthly subscription box I received include five items that were unique, useful, and fun. It also included a guide describing each product in more detail and instructions if needed. My box included hand sanitizer, Krazy Glue, a mini wireless bluetooth speaker, a car charger adapter for cell phone and kinetic sand. Hand sanitizer is always needed. I always make sure I have some in my purse and some in my car. My boyfriend actually put the Krazy Glue to use right away so it was nice to already have it on hand. The mini wireless bluetooth speaker is so easy to use and it has a great sound. Car charger adapters for cell phones are always useful, especially if your family has more than one vehicle. And green is my favorite color. The amount of cash inside my box was $3.00 so that's $3.00 I was able to add to our vacation jar. They definitely did a great job personalizing this box for me. 

My very favorite item in the box was the kinetic sand. It looks and feels like real sand but without the mess. Without going into all the details, my family is going through something tragic at the moment and we've been spending some time at a hospital, mostly in a family only waiting area. It's great to have kinetic sand in the room with us for the kids when they get bored because it's something to distract them for a while and keep them busy. The adults enjoy the kinetic sand too, just squeezing it, molding it, or simply just letting it run through our fingers. It's been very relaxing and therapeutic during this difficult time.

So if you really want to know what I thought about the Danklo monthly subscription box I reviewed....I loved it. Everything I received was either practical or fun. This is definitely a subscription box worth checking out and you can win one right here on Precisely Mine below. You can subscribe for as low as $7.99 plus shipping and handling per month and when you use the code SURPRISE you'll receive an extra free gift in your first Danklo box. Don't forget, you get a totally random amount of cash in every box too!

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  1. oh man, I'm so bummed I missed this. This sounds like a great box. I never heard of it before your post here!