Our First Real Christmas Tree

I've wanted a real Christmas tree for years so this year my boyfriend finally caved in and we headed to Lowe's and picked out our first real Christmas tree. We got us a Scotch Pine for less than $18. We got a new tree stand there as well. In the past we have always decorated our artificial trees with ornaments mostly made by our kids at school, church, scouts, etc. but since our kids are getting older we wanted to decorate it a little differently this year. We used our clear lights as usual but we also decorated it with some blue and silver holiday ribbon that we bought at Lowe's and added some blue and silver ornaments that we bought from Big Lots (which are hard to see in the picture). We had some white ornaments that we added as well. We completed our tree by topping it off with a blue star from Big Lots. I really love the way it turned out and I think we'll go real from now on. Now all we need is a nice tree skirt and some presents underneath the tree and we'll be all set.  I think we'll give our artificial trees away to someone who needs them, along with a boat load of old ornaments, decorations, etc. This will not only help out another family but will help us stay more organized as well. 

What about you, do you put up a Christmas tree? Real or artificial? How do you decorate it?


  1. Your tree looks GREAT!! You are brave doing a real tree. I used to do them and had to clean up needles for months after... But.... the smell was wonderful and made up for all the mess.

    I don't put a tree up any longer. I am not home much to enjoy it and all the kids are on their own.

  2. Great work with the tree! We have a real one at my parents house where we spend most of the holidays, but none here at home. My mom uses a lot of red & gold for decoration.

    Alex - Funky Jungle