I was a #BOOKITKid

I was a BOOK IT! Kid in the 90s. There was nothing better than getting rewarded with your very own Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut just for reading, which was one of my very favorite things to do anyway. I actually ran across one of my old BOOK IT! pins just the other day. This year, BOOK IT! is turning 30 and to celebrate they are launching an Alumni Program for all previous participants. BOOK IT! is on a quest to find and engage alumni from around the world, so sign up today to receive a nostalgic favorite from your BOOK IT! days, a free one topping Personal Pan Pizza (for carryout only when redeemed online at participating Pizza Hut restaurants). So join the BOOK IT! conversation and share your memories of the program on social channels using #BOOKITKid. 

What are some of your favorite BOOK IT! memories? Don't forget to share them on your social channels as well. You can sign up for the BOOK IT! Alumni Program here:  http://bookitprogram.com/bookitalumni/.

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  1. I think I remember my Granddaughter getting Pizza at Pizza Hut for something. She loved to read, so could have been that.