NeoCell Biotin Bursts {Review and Giveaway}

*Disclosure:  I was sent a free sample of NeoCell Biotin Bursts in order to perform this review. However, no other compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.

Previously I had the opportunity to review Beauty Bursts Soft Chews from a wonderful company called NeoCell. You can find out more about NeoCell by reading that review here if you haven't already. I was recently given the opportunity to review another product from NeoCell, Biotin Bursts, which come in three different flavors, Acai Berry, Chocolate Mint, and Fruit Punch. I reviewed the delicious Brazilian Acai Berry flavor. Biotin is an important B vitamin that supports hair and skin health, scientifically formulated to promote luxurious hair and vibrant skin. Biotin Bursts delivery high potency beauty nutrients in a delectable, gourmet soft chew, making having beautiful and healthy skin and hair super easy. NeoCell Biotin Bursts offer a delicious alternative to your daily biotin regimen with each chew being low in sugar, only 20 calories, readily absorbable, and containing 10,000 mcg of Biotin.   

I took Biotin Bursts for approximately a month. I took them when I got home from work each day because that is when I generally have the biggest sweet tooth. The Acai Berry flavor was definitely sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. Biotin Bursts are easy to chew as well. With the changing of the seasons from summer to fall and having hypothyroidism, both of which cause dry skin, I can't really say that these Biotin Bursts helped my skin much but they could be helping me more than I realize. Maybe if I weren't taking them, my skin would be much more drier at this point. However, I did notice that the Biotin Bursts helped with my hair. My hair seemed to be much more glossy than usual during the month I was taking the Biotin Bursts. My hair is pretty healthy otherwise but someone with dry, unhealthy hair would especially benefit from these NeoCell Biotin Bursts. 

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