Review of Mabel's Labels Stylish Scholars Combo

My son will be starting his freshman year of high school this week. It's a bittersweet moment for me. He's grown into such a nice young man and I'm extremely proud of him. I can remember so vividly his first day of pre-school at 4 years old, equipped with his new outfit and Shrek backpack smiling from ear to ear in the picture I took of him. I remember all through his elementary and middle school years having to write his name on all of his school supplies, backpack, coat, etc. but as he's gotten older and now entering high school, I've found that things have changed a bit. While I don't have to label his pencils and crayon boxes anymore, there are still things that high schoolers need labeled. My son will be starting his freshman year of high school with the Stylish Scholars Combo from Mabel's Labels. 
The Stylish Scholars Combo is a brand new label combo pack for back to school that features a range of modern, refined, stylish designs perfect for scholars of all ages, especially high schoolers and college students. These sophisticated labels can be used on school supplies, water bottles, electronics, cell phone cases, and much more. This combo includes 40 Skinny-Minis (1-1/2" x 5/16"), 50 Tag Mates (13/16" x 3/8"), 16 Round Labels (1.3"), and 2 Teeny Tags (1-1/4" x 3/4"). Skinny-Minis are dishwasher and microwave safe, Tag Mates are washer and dryer safe, and Round Labels and Teeny Tags are waterproof and UV resistant. 

There are 12 designs and two fonts to choose from and I chose the Black and White design in Font 1 for my son. It's a simple design perfect for any teenage boy especially. If my son was still in elementary school, I'd use the Round Labels in the Stylish Scholars Combo to label things like his shoes, but since he's starting high school I'll use them to label things like his notebooks, folders, and binders. Instead of using the Tag Mates to label my son's pencils, crayon boxes, glue sticks, and scissors, now I'm using them to label things like his calculator, favorite ink pens, and water and Gatorade bottles and even the knapsack that he carries back and forth from football practice. I no longer need to use the Skinny-Minis to label my son's clothes. Instead, they are great for labeling his gloves that he uses for football. These labels don't look babyish but add a nice stylish touch, perfect for labeling things my son will be using when starting high school this week. All the labels are strong and adhered nicely to all the surfaces I applied them to. They of course have stayed on every flat surface that they have been applied to. I've had to re-apply them to the inside of his football gloves because those things literally take a beating out on the football field so that's no surprise, but there are 40 Skinny-Minis in this combo pack so I think we'll be good for the entire season. Since my son is old enough to have a house key and will be getting his own car soon, the Teeny Tags will be perfect to add to his key chain. They seem durable enough to handle an active teenage boy. 

Do you have a student in your household that could use this Stylish Scholars Combo from Mabel's Labels? What design would they like best?

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  1. Love these labels. They look very nice and perfect for school.