Precisio Slant Tip Tweezers Review

**Disclosure:  I received a free pair of Precisio Tweezers from Crave Naturals in order to perform this review as I'm a Crave Blogger. However, no other compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.**

One thing you'll always find in my makeup case is a pair of tweezers. I use tweezers for shaping my eyebrows and also for plucking those two to three annoying stray hairs that keep regrowing underneath my chin. Many years ago after trying out several pairs, I finally found a pair of tweezers that worked well for me and I've guarded them ever since. However, I was recently given the opportunity to review a pair of Precisio slant tip tweezers from Crave Naturals and I've decided it's time to give my old tweezers the boot.

Precisio tweezers are professional grade tweezers designed with you in mind. Designed with a precise slanted tip, Precisio tweezers make hair removal simple and pain free by making it easy for you to get close to the root of hairs so there is less pain in hair removal. The ultra-sharp, hand filed tips are perfectly aligned so you get the job done right the first time. They are designed for comfort and easy handling with a matte finish so there is no slippage. Precisio slant tip tweezers come with a lifetime guarantee and are also guaranteed to stay sharp for life and will never require resharpening or replacement.

I found the Precisio tweezers to be very comfortable and easy to hold on to. They are not bulky in my opinion. They are perfectly angled and made it easy for me to grab all the short and fine hairs on my brown bone, allowing me to easily reshape my eyebrows. I was able to do this quicker using the Precisio tweezers than I could using my old pair as well. They also easily grabbed those two to three annoying stray hairs underneath my chin. I never once pinched my skin while using these tweezers and it was a painless experience. These high quality surgical grade stainless steel tweezers seem to be very well made and are not just another cheap pair of tweezers. I like the contemporary design as well. I firmly believe that I will never have to buy another pair of tweezers ever again.

Although I mainly use tweezers for hair removal and keep them in my makeup case, it's also great to have a pair handy in first aid kits as they are perfect for tick removal or splinter removal. They come in a sanitary holding case so that they are not damaged or contaminated during storage.


  1. I really need to buy a new pair of tweezers. It has gotten to the point that I can't catch the hairs with mine. I think they might be bent or dull... not sure what is wrong with them

  2. Great tweezers. I love the slanted tip.