How do you do pasta salad?

Barbecue season is in full swing, in my neck of the woods anyway. We love grilling out whether it's just for a weeknight dinner or for a family get together. At our barbecues, the sides are just as important as the meats. One side dish you'll almost always find at our barbecues is pasta salad. There are about 101 different ways to make pasta salad but of all the different varieties I've tried, the way we make it at my house is by far my favorite way. 

First of course we boil and drain a box of rotini noodles and add to a bowl. Then we add sliced green and black olives, diced onion, and pepperoni. We then add about half a bottle of lite zesty Italian dressing and mix everything together. We then top all this off with some shredded mozzarella cheese and a little more dressing and let it cool for a couple hours or more before serving. After I get some of this yummy pasta salad on my plate, I like to season it with some sea salt and black pepper and just another squirt of dressing.  

How do you do pasta salad at your house? 


  1. Your pasta salad looks GREAT. My Hubs won't eat most pasta salads, but I bet he would eat this one.

  2. Looks super tasty. I love pasta salads; always great for lunch on the go.