August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month

Recently, after growing it out for quite some time, I cut my hair and I donated it to a great non-profit organization called Children With Hair Loss (CWHL). I had been wanting to donate my hair for a long time and I felt CWHL was the perfect place to give it to. CWHL's quest is to bring more attention to their mission of supporting the well-being of children struggling with the challenges of medically-related hair loss. Over the past 13 years, CWHL has provided customized, human hair replacements to an increasing number of children with any medically-related hair loss at absolutely no cost whatsoever to the child or their families. CWHL relies solely on fundraising efforts, donations, grants and sponsorships to fund the cost of manufacturing each hair replacement. As opposed to other organizations doing similar work, CWHL requires no financial records from the family, charges no hidden fees, and requires no child to participate in any CWHL promotion or event. Each child is eligible to receive one free human hair replacement and care kit annually until age 21, which includes one human hair replacement with a choice of color and hair type and one hair care kit that includes TIGI hair care products, a human hair face framer (that recipient can wear under a hat), a styrofoam head and stand (styling and storing aid), headwrap and hat, brush and comb, a salon partner in their area that will provide free care/cutting services, and a DVD with hair care instructions, styling tips and application guidance.

With all this in mind, did you know that August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month! Throughout the month of August, Children With Hair Loss is inviting salon owners to help them in their quest to bring more attention to their mission of supporting the well-being of children struggling with the challenges of medically-related hair loss. Salon owners can help build awareness and funds throughout the month of August (and beyond) so that CWHL can continue to help these children. One of the ways salon owners can help this cause is by hosting a Cut-a-Thon or Hair Raiser fundraising event at their salon or barber shop. Some other fundraising ideas include hosting an online fundraiser at to help pay for a hair replacement for a child (simply select Children With Hair Loss as your designated charity when registering fundraiser on the website) or designing a t-shirt and selling it online at to help pay for a hair replacement for a child. (CWHL can even help design the shirt). Salon owners can contact CWHL for other ideas and they will send all the materials needed for a great fundraiser, including posters, brochures, balloons, stickers, and hair donation forms for donors.

Of course, you can still help Children With Hair Loss even if you're not a salon owner. You could donate your hair or make a monetary donation to CWHL. You can also visit their online store where you can purchase several different items which will help support CWHL's amazing mission. Alternatively, if you know a child with hair loss, you can always direct them or their parents to CWHL where they can apply for hair, which of course won't cost them a single penny.

In addition to visiting their website, you can connect with Children With Hair Loss on Twitter at and Facebook at to learn more about them and their mission.

*Disclosure:  All the images in this post were taken from the Children With Hair Loss website. I was not asked by CWHL to post this. As a previous hair donor, I occasionally receive emails from them and I felt the need to share some more information about CWHL and National Hair Loss Awareness Month. 


  1. I had no idea that August was National Hair Loss Month. I remember Miss USA.. I think, donating hair to a young girl who had lost her hair.

  2. I grow my hair out then I cut it, then I grow it out, then I cut it. I don't know what I want. The last time I got quite a few inches cut off. I'm currently growing it out again so I'll have to remember this charity the next time I get my hair cut