If you have a Keurig, you need a "Woody" Coffee Pod Storage Drawer

*Disclosure:  I was sent a free "Woody" Coffee Pod Storage Drawer in exchange for my honest review. However, no other compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own. 

I asked (okay begged) for a Keurig Single Cup Brewing System for a couple of years before my parents finally bought me a Keurig Elite Brewing System for Christmas a few years ago. While I was super excited to finally have this sleek new appliance sitting on my kitchen counter, sadly I never quite anticipated just how expensive K-Cups and other accessories would be. I would tell any Keurig owner that it's almost a must to have some sort of an organizer to hold all of your K-Cups. It's just more convenient if you have a rack, carousel, drawer, etc. to display and store your mounting number of K-Cups. Until recently I had a very basic K-Cup Carousel to hold my K-Cups. I was perfectly fine with it because it had one specific feature which I loved, a lazy-susan rotating base. However, this carousel only held 27 K-Cups and there were times when I had more than 27 at one time, which meant I would have K-Cups stored in two different places. It just made me feel unorganized. It was time for a change.

I was recently given the opportunity to try a "Woody" Coffee Pod Storage Drawer to hold and help me organize my Keurig K-Cups. The "Woody" can hold a whopping 35 K-Cups. It also holds my reusable and disposable K-Cups perfectly. It is made with a heat-resistant panel so I can safely place my Keurig directly on top of the drawer without having to worry about it sagging or the heat compromising the coffee pods stored inside. This also saves counter space on my already cluttered kitchen counter and makes it look neat. The drawer opens and closes easily and the "Woody" also moves easily on my counter when I need to move it an inch or two here and there, otherwise it stays put. The panel also has a wood look top that adds some extra personality to this storage drawer. Overall it adds a nice touch to my kitchen and complements my Keurig perfectly. Even though the "Woody" Coffee Pod Storage Drawer is rather inexpensive compared to other similar Keurig accessories, it is not cheaply made at all but is built to last with attention to detail and superior materials.

You can purchase the "Woody" Coffee Pod Storage Drawer on Amazon right now for only $19.99.


  1. I for sure need that drawer. My Hubs has so much coffee out that I think it looks messy. I am all for keeping things neat and orderly.

  2. WOw i love the fact that it holds 35 K Cups and that i could place my machine right on top of it! I begged for my keurig machine too and I LOVE it!!! Great Post!