Review of Arno Confection Perfection's Chocolate Barks

I first experienced Arno's Chocolates from Arno Confection Perfection nearly a year ago when I reviewed seven flavors of chocolate bark on my blog, told you how they got started and all the great causes they love to support. You can click here to check out that review if you haven't already. They occasionally add new flavors and guess who was lucky enough to try three of guessed it, this girl right here! Cyndi Arno from Arno Confection Perfection was kind and generous enough to donate some chocolate bark for my co-workers and I, which I will be putting in some gift bags that I'm making for National Medical Transcription Week 2014, which you will hear more about later this month. Cyndi made sure that these barks were packaged well in order to protect them during the shipping process. Each individual package containing three barks was also accented with a bow.

One of the flavors I tried was the Almond Toffee and this was my favorite of the three. Ingredients include premium dark chocolate, roasted almonds, and toffee bits. The chocolate is silky smooth. The almonds and generous sized toffee bits add a nice crunch. The toffee bits add an extra touch of sweetness as well. In addition, there are bits of sea salt sprinkled on top as well which complements this Almond Toffee bark very nicely. I love a sweet and salty combination.  

Another flavor I tried was the Mint Bark. Ingredients include premium dark chocolate and crushed hard candy. The chocolate of course is silky smooth as always. It has a subtle minty aroma and a very nice minty flavor that I would say is just about right, not being too strong or too meager. The small bits of hard candy add a nice light crunch. If you like peppermint patties, you are definitely going to love this Mint Bark.

The last flavor I tried was Irish Cream Coffee Bark. Ingredients include premium dark chocolate, premium white chocolate, and dark roast coffee beans. The dark and white chocolate complement each other very nicely, making a great combination. The coffee beans add a nice but peculiar crunch. This is the first time I've tried anything made with coffee beans before. The bark has a nice coffee aroma. It tastes very similar to a strong cup of coffee. I'm a coffee lover and I think other coffee lovers will definitely love this bark. However, I think non-coffee drinkers will love it as well.

All I can say is that Arno Confection Perfection has amazing tasting chocolate barks in many different flavors. You may not love every flavor of bark they offer but they'll definitely have at least a few that you'll thoroughly enjoy. They are perfect for gift giving for any occasion or just because. You can rest assured that when you place an order with Arno Confection Perfection, it will be made and packaged with nothing but love.
Have you tried Arno's Chocolates before? I'm thinking the My Cherry Amour Bark would be just decadent. You can check out all the flavors by clicking here. Let me know which one is your favorite or which one you think you'd like best.

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  1. Oh Yumm..... chocolate. I love chocolate but with my health issues, I don't eat it unless it is sweetened with stevia.

  2. i had the pleasure of trying their chocolate a while back. If I saw it in the store near me I would definitely buy more. Yummy