Like Mother, Like Daughter Hand Stamped Jewelry & Gifts Review

Like Mother, Like Daughter Hand Stamped Jewelry & Gifts is made up of a mother and daughter team. Mom Karen and daughter Kaitlin create unique, personalized hand stamped keepsake jewelry pieces and artisan crafted gifts, including bracelets, earrings, rings, key chains, and more that they sell on Etsy. They use only the highest quality materials to make their pieces, including sterling silver, gold filled (not plated) metal, copper, antique brass, bronze, nugold, and pewter, among others. No two pieces are exactly alike so anything you purchase from them will be as unique as you are. Like Mother, Like Daughter Hand Stamped Jewelry & Gifts was kind enough to donate some hand stamped earrings for some gift bags that I'm making for my co-workers to celebrate National Medical Transcription Week 2014, which you will be hearing more about in a few weeks.

Handmade jewelry has always been my favorite kind of jewelry. It just feels more personal and that's important to me. I love the uniqueness and the love that is put into making each piece. The hand stamped earrings I received from Like Mother, Like Daughter for the gifts bags I'm making are silver and round with a different hand stamped design on each one. They are the perfect size being just a little smaller than my earlobes. I chose a heart design for myself but all the designs are very cute and stamped well. The earrings are made really well. The backs go on and come off easily but when wearing the earrings the backs stay firmly intact. They are lightweight and don't bog my ears down and I can hardly tell when I'm wearing them. They don't break my ears out either. These earrings are definitely a great way for me to express myself. My teenage son even took notice of me wearing them. He asked why I was wearing earrings and I told him that I love earrings and I wear them all the time. Apparently he'd never noticed me wearing any kind of earrings before....ever (in 14 years), but he noticed me wearing these hand stamped earrings from Like Mother, Like Daughter. We're definitely going to have to work on his observation skills but in the meantime I'm glad these earrings are getting noticed because I love a nice piece of well made handmade jewelry that makes a statement.  

What is your favorite piece from Like Mother, Like Daughter?

*Please note, the above earrings are not the exact earrings I received but they are similar. The above are dangle earrings (with pictures taken from Like Mother, Like Daughter's Etsy Shop) and I received earrings with backs. I apparently need to work on my photography skills because every picture I took of the earrings I received turned out so blurry that you couldn't really tell what it was a picture of exactly. Anyway, you get the idea. 

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  1. What nice jewelry and from a Mother Daughter team. That is so cool.