Check Out My Gully Creek Cottage Win

I was on Twitter recently when I saw a contest tweet with the prize being a pair of custom hand painted flats with your favorite baseball team's logo. When I clicked the link I found Belle and her blog, Gully Creek Cottage. I entered to win and several days later I found out that I won the shoes! I don't often post about my wins in depth on my blog but I thought that this was a very special win so I was inspired to do so. Belle hand painted me a pair of Chatties flats with my favorite baseball team's logo, the Cincinnati Reds. But before I tell you more about the shoes I won, I want to tell you a little bit more about Belle. She is a Texas girl with a blog where she shares life, bits 'n blessings...inspiring you through style, food, and creativity. She has fun through cooking, baking, re-purposing things, and home decor. She loves antiques, old doors, keys, clocks, and architecture, high heels, bling, and power tools. She also loves entertaining and traveling. Her inspiration comes from being a mom and wife. She takes advantage of her creative mind that is always scheming and in her spare time she enjoys sewing, painting, and woodworking. God, family, friends, and making a difference wherever possible are things that are important to Belle and I'm so glad I found her and made a new blogging friend. You can follow along too and get inspired!

Anyway, back to the shoes. The flats that Belle hand painted are Chatties brand, which is new to me. I hope it doesn't seem like I've been living under a rock for saying that. They fit well and are pretty comfy. She did an excellent job painting these flats. They are unbelievably fantastic. They definitely stand out and scream unique and I'm all about that. They are a great way for me to express my love for the Cincinnati Reds and they are all about baseball from every angle. 

I'm mostly a flip flop girl in the warmer months but I'll definitely be wearing these plenty. The best part about these shoes is that I'm the only person in the entire world who owns a pair thanks to Belle. She's extremely creative and talented and I couldn't possibly thank her enough for generously making these for me. I wish I had just a fraction of her talent and creativity.  

So what do you think about this win? Aren't these great!


  1. Oh I ♥ your sweet comments and even happier that you're so in ♥ with these! You do have a "one of a kind" pair made exclusively for you my dear friend - enjoy 'em! Thank you for the post and I'm so excited we will be stayin' in touch. ps- we all have creativity in us! hugs n more hugs, Belle

  2. I love your win.... How lucky you were. They look so comfortable