Review of Anne Taintor Mini Tissues

My love for Anne Taintor continues to grow with the ever so adorable mini tissue cubes (which were kindly donated for the National Medical Transcription Week 2014 gift bags that I will be making, which I will be telling you more about in May). Miss Taintor Tissues come in a 3 x 3 x 3 inch cube, each one adorned with one of Anne Taintor's hilariously snarky captions. You can choose from 12 different designs/captions. My favorite has the caption "someone has to set a bad example." Each box contains 30 individual 2-ply, unscented, white tissues that measure 7.5 x 5.5 inches each. I don't know what brand the tissues are exactly but they are not as gentle on my nose as well known brands such as Puffs or Kleenex but they aren't that bad either. The tissues actually remind me of the ones you'd find at a hospital or hotel. They are pretty strong and hold up well though. My favorite part is the novelty of the box anyway, which by the way are only $2.99 each. These mini tissue cubes look great on a desk, in the car, in the bathroom, or anywhere you want to add a little humor (and need tissues). Mine is still sitting on my desk at work even though all the tissues have been used. Since the box seems pretty durable, I'm going to make it a permanent part of my cubicle decor. Eventually it will be used for holding things like loose change, candy, or other miscellaneous office supplies. These mini tissues would make perfect co-worker gifts, which is why I'll be adding them to some gift bags I'll be making in May for my co-workers for National Medical Transcription Week 2014.

You can connect with Anne Taintor on Facebook. You can also enter Anne Taintor's monthly caption contest for a chance to win an Anne Taintor prize pack.

What are some of your favorite captions at Anne Taintor?

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