Keep You Cell Phone and Keys in Reach with a Phone Pouch and Finders Key Purse From Isn't This Clever

As you all know by now, I just love Isn't This Clever and all their very clever, functional products. My favorite Isn't This Clever product is an Ohio State Buckeyes Finders Key Purse that I have had for 3 years now. It has been on my key ring since day one and it keeps my keys right where I want them. I'm a Buckeyes fan so I'm glad that the logo on the Finders Key Purse has not gotten scratched, chipped, or faded in the 3 years that I've been using it. Another great thing about Isn't This Clever is their amazing customer service and their kindheartedness. They were kind enough to donate a Silver Plain Finders Key Purse and a Silver Print Phone Pouch to each one of my co-workers, which they'll receive in a gift bag for National Medical Transcription Week 2014 in May, which I will tell you all about next month.

If you've never heard of a Finders Key Purse before, well it is a unique and patented keychain that provides a simple solution to an everyday problem that most women face....losing your keys. We've all been there. Something unexpectedly comes up and we have to leave the house in a hurry but we end up wasting valuable time searching in our bag for our keys. With the Finders Key Purse, you'll never have to dig in your bag looking for your keys again. All you need to do is attach your keys to the clasp and then slip the Finders Key Purse over the edge of your purse, backpack, gym bag, diaper bag, or brief case. Your keys will be remain safe and sound and at the same time you'll be adding a stylish accessory to your bag that matches your personality. There are over 100 different designs to choose from, including collegiate and holiday designs, or you could choose the Silver Plain Finders Key Purse and then have it engraved with initials, numbers, etc. Isn't This Clever doesn't do engraving but they will help you design your own key finder with your own logo/artwork, which would be great to hand out as favors at family reunions, weddings, class reunions, showers, and other special occasions. You could even use them as promotional gifts. The Finders Key Purse is made extremely well and will be with you for years to come. The new 2014 designs are available now.

The Phone Pouch attaches to the Finders Key Purse but instead of keeping your keys where you can find them easily, it helps you to find your cell phone easier. There is no need to take off your current phone case because your already protected phone will fit in this thick neoprene sleeve. I have a Blackberry Bold which I don't keep in a case and it goes into the pouch and comes out rather easily but I'm thinking it would be a much tighter fit with its case on. It protects my phone well. After you've slipped your phone into the phone pouch, all you have to do is attach it to your Finders Key Purse key chain to always have your phone at your fingertips. I seem to lose my cell phone in my purse about as much as I did my keys before getting my first Finders Key Purse. You can also flip the Phone Pouch inside out partially and use the microfiber lining on the inside to clean the screen your phone screen. It does a good job at cleaning the screen and doesn't scratch or smudge. If you don't happen to carry a cell phone with you, this pouch can be used to hold many other things that you'd like to find quickly in your purse such as reading glasses, sunglasses, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc. The Phone Pouch is a very functional product.

These are just two of the clever products that you'll find at Isn't This Clever. They carry many, many unique items that make life easier and a little more fun. If you'd like to purchase a product from Isn't This Clever but you can't decide which item you'd like best, you can always purchase the Sample Gift Pack for the low price of $9.95. The products are free and the $9.95 covers the shipping and handling fees. This sample gift pack includes $54 worth of products from Isn't This Clever, including three Finders Key Purses, a FANtastic Fan, a Mini Glam Pen, a Chic Sac, a Not Just a Luggage Tag, and a Phone Pouch. Everything comes in a fabulous gift bag. You can keep everything for yourself or share with friends, family, or co-workers.

I love my Finders Key Purses and Phone Pouch and they go everywhere I go. They work with whatever purse or bag I'm carrying at the time. What is your favorite product at Isn't This Clever?

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  1. You have no idea how many times I lose my cell phone in my purse and have to have my Hubs call me so I can see it light up and hear it ring.

  2. I sooo need the keyfinder. I use a tote bag now because of everything I keep with me with the kids but my keys get lost in my big bag. This would be very helpful