Moms' Night Out From Purex Giveaway

Being a mom is by far the hardest job I've ever had and I think most other moms would agree. Sometimes us moms just need a break though, which is why Purex is celebrating Mother’s Day and the release of Sony’s new motion picture, Moms’ Night Out, by giving away a night out for you and up to five friends. I've never had the pleasure of having a Moms' Night Out but if I ever did I'd want it to be simple. I'd like to have a long dinner and a few drinks with a few good friends at a place like Buffalo Wild Wing or Texas Roadhouse where we could be loud and no one would really notice or care. Afterwards I'd love to see a movie and drink fountain Cokes share a large tub of salty, buttery popcorn. And before going home I'd love to stop at the self serve frozen yogurt shop. That's a lot of eating and drinking! I don't know if I could manage all that food and drinks but if I could it would be fun. What would be your perfect Moms' Night Out? 
You can enter the Moms' Night Out from Purex giveaway here:
Moms' Night Out stars Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Patricia Heaton, and Trace Adkins and hits theaters on May 9, 2014, Mother's Day Weekend. Click here for an exclusive sneak peak. 

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  1. Oh boy... could I ever use a Night out.... I get so busy with life that I forget to take time for myself.