Happy Dog Box Review

*Disclosure:  I received a free Happy Dog Box in order to perform this review. However, no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

What is a Happy Dog Box? A Happy Dog Box is a box of the latest and greatest hand selected, all natural dog treats, innovative toys, health products, and other dog products picked by the experts at HappyDogBox.com. Every month, your dog will receive five to six new products that will keep their tails wagging and you smiling, delivered right to your door for as low as $21 a month (with free shipping). A Happy Dog Box contains items you can't find at typical big box pet stores and they always include the highest quality, healthiest snacks that come from countries with reliable food hygiene standards. Australia, Canada, and the United States are the only countries they source treats from. Happy Dog Box doesn't just want to make your dog happy, but they are committed to the happiness of dogs everywhere, which is why they donate a portion of their profits to shelters and rescue foundations and they do their best to provide healthy treats and fun toys to brighten their days. They may not be able to save every dog out there but they are definitely doing their part, four paws at a time.

I have two 4-month-old Pit Bull puppies name Tyson and Crook who are very playful and love treats. I couldn't help but smile when I opened up the Happy Dog Box because I was so impressed with what I was seeing, five treats and a new chew toy, plus two bonus sample packs of liquid vitamins. I love that they included a card in the box that tells me a little more about the products inside, including a website, which makes it easy for me to purchase the products if my pups really love them.

The toy they received was ORKA Dental Links from Petstages. Petstages is dedicated to continuous innovation in pet toys. Their toys are designed for dogs who love to chew and boy do Tyson and Crook love to chew. Their toys are also made of a durable, non-toxic, synthetic rubber, combining fun and function in one toy. The ORKA Dental Links toy has multiple textures that help remove soft tartar from their teeth and gums. This toy is made very well and is able to withstand two puppies both chewing and tugging on it at the same time. Tyson even drug it outside during what was supposed to be a potty break and he was loving it so much that he didn't want to share with his brother Crook at all.

Tyson and Crook's Happy Dog Box contained lots of treats. One treat they received was YumZies Grain Free Natural Peanut Butter Flavor Treats from Nootie, which they seemed to love. They are made from real chicken recipe plus omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. I love that these treats are soft and also small enough to fit inside one of their toys where you can put a treat inside. Another treat they received was It’s Purely Natural Chicken with Peas and Carrots from Loving Pets Products. These treats are made from a short list of 100% all natural ingredients with names you known. They contain no additives, by-products, or artificial preservatives. They are glycerin, gluten, soy, corn, and wheat free. I love that I can actually see some of the ingredients within the treat as well. They are decent sized treats that my pups seem to love them. They also received natural healthy treats from Barkworthies, DOG for DOG, and Pet'n Shape.

Tyson and Crook anxiously awaiting another treat.
Overall I was very, very happy with the Happy Dog Box I received for my two "boys" so I guess it's named appropriately. They have definitely enjoyed everything inside of it. I only want the best products for them so I was glad that all the treats they received are all natural and healthy. I think it's definitely well worth the price and I love that they support dog charities by donating a portion of their profits.

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  1. It looks like your cute dogs enjoyed Happy Dog Box. My Daughter has this really cute little dog that I shoud order this for.