Don't Forget to Thank the Sponsors!

If you happen to follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook, then you know that I'm a prize sweeper. I enter sweepstakes and giveaways via Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. My biggest win so far has been a MacBook Air which I won from Apple Sliced in a Twitter giveaway a few years ago. Usually when I win something on Twitter or Facebook directly from the brand, when I receive my prize I always give the sponsor a shout out letting them know I received it. Sometimes I even include a picture of the product. When I win something from a blog I always send an email to the blogger thanking them once again and letting them know I received my prize but until yesterday (after seeing someone ask a question on Facebook) it never crossed my mind to actually thank the sponsor somehow as well. As a blogger myself I feel ashamed to admit that but it's very true but I assure you that I'm not trying to be inconsiderate intentionally.

I do a lot of product reviews and I hold a lot of giveaways here at Precisely Mine as well and I work very closely with the sponsors and I let them know that I appreciate them immensely. So why should that be different when the tables are turned and I'm the one on the winning end? I don't have an answer for that but I can tell you that from here on out that will not be the case. When I win a blog giveaway, now matter how big or small, I'm definitely going to make it a point to thank the sponsor as well in addition to the blogger.

Bloggers do a lot of work when it comes to holding giveaways, believe me I know, and it frustrates me to no end when the winners of my giveaways don't let me know in some way that they received their prizes so I could only imagine how the sponsor feels.The blogger is the one who takes the time to test a product, write a review on their blog, and run a giveaway. However, the sponsor is the one who sends the blogger and the blog winner(s) free products. They are also the ones handling all of the packaging, shipping and handling duties and cost. So why did it never occur to me until now to thank the sponsors (as a prize winner) for all their troubles? Just for their generosity alone, the sponsors are definitely deserving of at least a thank you as well from the prize winner.

So remember folks, the next time you win a giveaway on a blog, don't forget to thank the sponsor! Whether it's a shout out via social media, an email, or a thank you note in the mail, let them know they are appreciated.


  1. Very good point! I'll remember to do that!

  2. I have some sponsors that I just love working with and I try to go above and beyond for them. Most of them really appreciate it.