Waggin' Box Subscription Box For Your Dog

*Disclosure:  I received a Waggin' Box for free in order to perform this review. However, no other compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.*

WagginBox.com is a small family business run by Larry and Kim Johnson from Arizona who not only share an enormous love for dogs but also a background in sales and business. Larry and Kim combined their two passions to create WagginBox.com. A Waggin' Box is a surprise box full of dog stuff, otherwise known as "Waggin' Shwag". Every Waggin' Box contains a variety of high quality, hand picked, "dog-approved" dog products such as treats, toys, grooming supplies, wellness products, and much more. WagginBox offers a variety of flexible delivery plans which allow you to order your Waggin' Box in a way that is most convenient and affordable for you. You can receive a box monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly or you can just order one. Subscription plans automatically renew but can be cancelled at any time. Ordering is as easy as telling what size dog you have and then picking a delivery plan. You'll only receive products for your dog that Larry and Kim would personally give to their own dogs, Val and Jefe. You can find out more by clicking here.

We have two 3-month-old puppies name Tyson and Crook and even though I've had many dogs in the past, I never really understood the term "furbaby" until they came along. They have quickly become a part of the family. I love how they are so excited to see me each day when I come home from work. Most of all I love cuddling with them and I love their puppy kisses. Almost every time we visit the store now, we have to stroll through the pet aisle before we leave. I've found that some pet products can be quite expensive. Waggin' Box is a great, inexpensive way to buy pet products. Sure you'll be getting a mystery box every time but that just makes it all the more fun.

Tyson and Crook's first Waggin' Box arrived recently and I was very impressed at the size of the box, which was decorated with paw prints. I was even more impressed when I opened it up and saw what was inside. It contained six items, three toys and three treats. 

The treats included:  (1) A bag of SmokeHouse 100% natural dog treats made from chicken breast tenders that are high in protein. (2) A SmokeHouse pork skin retriever stick natural dog chew treat that is 100% natural and slow roasted. It has a crunchy texture that helps keep dogs teeth clean and healthy. It is 100% digestible. (3) A package of Hare of the Dog Rabbit with Red Apple and Dandelion Dog Cookies. They are small and bone shaped and the perfect size for snacking. All the treats are made in the U.S.A. The toys included:  (1) A Caitec Bella Rope Toy that is made of durable rubber and sturdy 100% nylon rope with no cotton filler. This toy also floats. (2) A Caitec Chase 'N Chomp Head and Tails Alligator Dog Toy. This toy is multi-textured with a combination of rubber and plush. This is also a treat dispensing toy, which also floats. (3) A Caitec Chase 'N Chomp Rattlin' Shakin' Ball that contains a rattlin' noisemaker when shaken. This ball also floats.  

Crook and Tyson
By far, Tyson and Crook's favorite thing in their Waggin' Box was the head and tails alligator toy. They seem to like the different textures and the fact that it squeaks. They especially love it when I put a treat inside the center ring. They try really hard but they haven't been able to get the treat out by their self yet. I like the fact that it keeps them occupied for a very long time. They have a little toy bin for all of their toys and they will specifically rummage through all the others to find this one. Sometimes they will share it and sometimes they playfully fight over it. Not that they don't like the other two toys because they definitely do as well. All the toys seem to be well made and are pretty durable so far, which says a lot when two puppies are playing with them. I'm going to wait until spring to give them the chew treat when they are a little older but they of course love the other two treats. They will sit for one and occasionally shake but we're still working on that though. The chicken and cookie treats also fit very well into the treat compartment of their favorite toy.

Eventually WagginBox.com will have an online store where you can purchase more of the products that your pet loved that were in your Waggin Box. If it were open now I bet you can guess what I'd be purchasing....yep another head and tails alligator toy. But you can always write to them and let them know if there is a product your pet especially loved and maybe it will end up in another Waggin' Box someday. 

Like I said before, there are different plans you can choose when purchasing from WagginBox.com and you could get a Waggin' Box for anywhere between $18 to $28 a month. Is a Waggin' Box worth as much as $28 a month? In my opinion definitely YES! If I were to buy each one of these items separately I would be paying way more than that. But can I afford to spend an extra $28 a month on my pups in this economy every month? No. But lucky for me I can purchase a single Waggin' Box anytime I want for $28 with free shipping so WagginBox.com definitely has a new customer here as I plan on spoiling Tyson and Crook a couple of times a year and surprising them with a Waggin' Box full of goodies. You can also receive 20% off your first order (applies to either the subscription or one time purchase Waggin' Boxes) with code TWENTY14. That would make the Waggin' Boxes only $14.40 per box on the 6 month subscription plan!

What dog in your life would you make happy by purchasing them a Waggin' Box?

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  1. This is the first I have heard of Waggin Box. Sounds like a tail waggin good time. My Daughters little dog would love getting new toys..

    1. Terry, we're a brand new company, and this is our first ever review. We're super excited about it!

  2. What a great idea for a gift especially to someone who just got a dog. Thank you for showcasing this company.