Root Bizzle: Monthly Tie Club Review

In case you didn't know, grabatology is the hobby of collecting neckties and grabatologist often have hundreds of neckties in their collection. Root Bizzle was started by a group of grabatologists who wanted to make it easy, affordable, and stylish to build a high quality necktie collection so as to carry on the century old tradition of people wearing ties. Growing up, none of the men in my life wore ties and that's still the case today. However, I'd like to change that starting with the Root Bizzle: Monthly Tie Club as I have a very handsome 14-year-old son who I'd love to see in a tie once in a while. He also possibly wants to have a career in sports management or sports journalism someday and if so I see a lot of ties in his future. Root Bizzle is bringing back the ancient tradition of grabatology with their Monthly Tie Club, offering new, stylish, 100% silk, Italian designed, and high quality ties shipped to your door every month. You can choose from regular or extra long ties in the business, whimsical, or skinny collections. You can choose to pay month to month or you can pay for 3 or 6 months upfront with plans ranging from $20 to $25 (with free shipping), which is a bargain as each tie would normally retail for $50 and above.

My son received a whimsical tie from Root Bizzle, which seemed to match his relaxed attitude and casual style perfectly. The tie came in the mail in a nice sturdy box. This is a very stylish tie with a nice design yet it doesn't have to be worn with a suit but goes perfectly with just a nice, casual dress shirt. I'm no tie connoisseur but I thought the tie was made extremely well and it seems to be a very heavy-duty tie. It is the perfect for my son to wear to his football banquets and other school programs where a casual look is okay but a tie would spruce up his look just a bit. This tie would also be okay to wear to more formal events as well.

The only problem I had with this tie was that....well I cannot tie a tie so big thanks to my friend/co-workers hubby for tying this for us. Maybe Root Bizzle could "fun" up their website and include an easy to follow how-to video or even a diagram on how to tie a tie. A monthly tie club obviously isn't going to be something that every man is in to because not all men wear ties but for the ones who do, the Root Bizzle: Monthly Tie Club is definitely something they would thoroughly enjoy and at a nice price as well. 

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  1. I have been seeing this Tie Club. No one in my family wears a tie any longer, but my neighbor does. I am going to tell him about this.