Make Money By Joining the Alexx, Inc. FLEXX Team

I've worked with Isn't This Clever many times in the past and I have nothing but good things to say about the company, the staff, and the products they carry. I've been using my Ohio State Buckeyes Finders Key Purse from Isn't This Clever for almost 3 years now and it's still keeping my keys right where they need to be. I'm also very impressed by the fact that in all this time the logo hasn't chipped, faded, etc. so I can still proudly support my Buckeyes. I was recently browsing the site as I frequently do to see if they had any new products and I found out that they did in fact have a new product....the Key'P It Up Purse Hanger (and key finder all-in-one accessory), which you can find more about by watching the awesome video below.


Alexx, Inc. is the parent company of Ins't This Clever and while I was still browsing, I found some information about the FLEXX Team (Friends of Alexx), which is a sales rep program. Unlike most companies who only employ "traditional" sales reps, the FLEXX Team is made up of everyday people and absolutely no experience is necessary.  

Here are some things that make the FLEXX program so unique: 
  • There are no exclusive territories. You can sell anywhere in the world.
  • You take the order and Alexx does the rest. There is no inventory to keep. They do all the invoicing, shipping, etc.
  • No purchase is required. You do not have to buy anything.
  • You earn a high commission rate plus bonus commission for any reps you refer. 
  • No sales experience is necessary and there are no dollar quotas to meet. It's so FLEXX-ible, you sell what you can when you can! 
  • It’s easy to join! To request an application packet, just click here or call (800) 620-7295. 
If there is a boutique, hair and nail salon, restaurant, car dealership, bookstore, gas station, gym, pharmacy, or any other small business or large corporation near you that you think needs to carry Alexx, Inc. products and you'd like to make a little extra cash, then the FLEXX Team is definitely for you. I'm definitely thinking about joining the team myself, although I'm a little hesitant as I've never done anything like this before but I think this could be a great experience. FLEXX Team reps can also purchase wholesale from Alexx (if you have a resale license from your state). This means you can sell to friends, family, and coworkers, at kiosks, swap meets, craft fairs, holiday boutiques, as fundraisers, or many other venues, though no online sales are permitted.

What about you, would you possibly be interested in joining the FLEXX Team? If you requested an application packet, I'd love to know.

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  1. I probably wouldn't be interested in joining at this time... but who knows what next week will bring.