Master Caster Product Review

**Disclosure:  I received the below products for free from as a member of the Shoplet Product Review Program. However, I was not influenced in any way and all opinions expressed are my own.**

Founded in 1951, Master Manufacturing Company is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and started off as a small, family owned operation and is now a multi-million dollar business that provides simple solutions to everyday office requirements with an entire line of unique problem solving products. Master Manufacturing Company is also a certified W.B.E. (Women's Business Enterprise) and a member of the National Minority Business Council. carries a wide variety of Mater Caster products not just including casters but also furniture sliders, furniture touch-up kits, doorstops, lumbar support cushions, gloves, and more. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review a few Master Caster products on my blog recently.

The Master Caster Rolling Wrist Rest allows you to go from mouse to keyboard without lifting your wrist. It is made from a soft foam padding (Memory Foam) to provide comfort and support and it is ergonomically designed to help reduce joint stress. The independent wheel rotation allows smooth rolling in any direction. This is definitely a neat little product that is made very well. My wrist fits in the rolling wrist rest perfectly and it is very comfortable. The rolling mechanism works seamlessly and the wrist rest goes where I want it to go without the wheels sticking or catching. It definitely makes browsing the internet a more comfortable experience.

The Master Caster SMARTer Dual Action Microfiber Gloves are very functional. Unlike regular gloves, these microfiber gloves are made with specially designed fibers in the fingertips that allow you to activate/operate any touchscreen device while the palm of the glove can be used to clean finger prints, smudges, streaks, etc. from your touchscreen device. They are lint free, static free, and odor free. They are also washable and reusable. I was able to operate both my Kindle Fire and my iPod while wearing these microfiber gloves. They also did a wonderful job of cleaning my screens of smudges without causing any scratches. These gloves are on the thin side and not bulky whatsoever. They are very, very soft and warm and keep my hands and fingers toasty, which has definitely been coming in handy with the 20 degree temperatures we have been having here lately.  Another great thing about these gloves is that I can touch my hair with them and there is absolutely no static.

The Master Caster ReStor-It Furniture Touch-Up Kit includes three filler sticks and five wood grain markers that can be used on furniture, floors, cabinets, paneling, woodwork, doors, and more to repair deep scratches, gouges, nail holes, cracks, and other imperfections and restore color instantly. I bought a new bedroom suit several years back that has somehow managed to acquire a couple of imperfections. One particular imperfection on my bed is rather noticeable and it really bugs me. It's more of a gouge so I used one of the filler sticks to try to repair it followed by the darkest marker in the touch-up kit. I wasn't completely satisfied with the results. I just thought it would do a better job at hiding the imperfection but at least it is a little less noticeable from a further distance away. Perhaps it would do a better job on light surface scratches.

Before using Master Caster ReStor-It Furniture Touch-Up Kit
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  1. I could use The Master Caster Rolling Wrist Rest. My sister ended up with wrist problems and I don't want to be next.

  2. I already have wrist problems, so will be checking out the rolling wrist rest soon, thanks for the review!