Book Review: Sanctuary by Kris Kramer

Sanctuary is a dark historical fantasy novel written by Kris Kramer and it is the first book of the Dominion series. Sanctuary takes place in 9th century Britain where chaos rules and Viking raids are commonplace. When the small village of Rogwallow is invaded by raiders, young Daniel (who is studying to be a priest) thinks he witnesses a miracle when a lone warrior called Arkael saves his village. Because of his reckless bravado, Daniel decides to leave Rogwallow and follow Arkael on a mysterious journey across the island, hoping to find his path in a brutal and unforgiving world, finding old friends and making new ones along the way, and making some enemies as well. Daniel's journey ultimately leads him to Avaline, a captive woman with strange abilities, who he must save. In order to save Avaline, Daniel must first face his true enemy, a powerful demon who is waiting for his dominion over man to be complete. During his journey, Daniel is forced to face his past and he realizes that his journey was all about trying to find his faith and learn the secrets of Heaven and Hell.

Up until reading Sanctuary, I had never read a dark historical fantasy novel. I just didn't think it was a genre of books that I would enjoy but when the author emailed me and asked me if I wanted to review it on my blog, something just wouldn't let me say no and I'm so glad that I didn't. Sanctuary had my attention from the very beginning. It is told from Daniel's point of view and it is written very well. I've truly learned a lot more words because of reading Sanctuary. Kris does a wonderful job at describing the characters and the backdrop. I felt like I was really getting a glimpse of what life was like in 9th century Britain, both the good and the bad parts. Now that I'm done reading Sanctuary, I'm very excited about the next book in this series, Vengeance, which is due out in 2014. I look forward to following Daniel on his next adventure. I'll definitely be reading more historical fantasy novels in the future.

About the Author (Information as taken from Born in New Orleans, Kris Kramer has been a native of Dallas, TX since 1987 and graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas. Starting off his professional life as a programmer and web developer, Kris spent his free time writing stories and screenplays for all the crazy ideas he had in that hyper-imaginative brain. With the I.T. industry slowly sucking his soul away, however, he decided to make a go of his new passion for storytelling, and has been writing frantically ever since.

Having recently finished his first full-length novel, Sanctuary, Kris is now working on his 2014 slate of books, which includes the sequel to Sanctuary, an additional science fiction novel called Olympia, and the follow-ups to Tales of the Lore Valley, The Organization, and Rise of Cithria. In his spare time, he chauffeurs his daughter around, watches movies, and tries to catch some basketball on TV.

Says Kris: “Who wants to read about me? I write because my characters are FAR more interesting than I’ve ever been.”

You can read a preview of Sanctuary here and you can purchase Sanctuary (Kindle edition) on Amazon for only $3.99 here. Sanctuary is definitely a must read!


  1. Thanks so much for the review. I am running out of reading material and looking for things to stock up on.

  2. I LOVE historical novels, this sounds like it would be a perfect addition to my library!