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**Disclosure:  I received the below products for free from as a member of the Shoplet Product Review Program. However, I was not influenced in any way and all opinions expressed are my own.**

Smead is a company that is well know for its high quality, environmentally responsible products and innovative organizational systems. For over a century, Smead has been committed to one purpose:  Keeping You Organized. You'll find plenty of Smead products at to help you clear the clutter and keep you organized. In my opinion, Smead is most famous for their file folders, including classification folders, hanging file folders, those that include an expanding pocket, and countless others. I was certainly honored when I was given the opportunity to review a few Smead products on my blog. 

File folders seem to be a staple of the office place and I've used my fair share over the years. Having a file cabinet, I certainly do appreciate hanging file folders, which help to keep me organized. Smead FasTab Hanging File Folders are heavy duty folders with no plastic tabs, no tiny inserts, and no assembly required. They are easy to label. You can take them straight out of the box and write on the built-in tab or apply a label. I wrote directly on the tab with an ink pen and it went on smoothly. I don't know about you but I think dealing with those plastic tabs and inserts is a major pain. I love that the Smead FasTab Hanging File Folders are easy to use and are very durable. They help keep all my important papers separated and organized so that they are easy to find when I need them.

Just about every office and business has manila folders and my office is no different. Most of the time I only need to label my manila file folders with something simple such "Memos" or "Employee Info" but occasionally there have been times when I could have used a little more room on the tab so that I could write extra helpful information. The Smead SuperTab Heavyweight Folder is the perfect file folder to use when you need to add more information to your label because the tabs have 90% more labeling area. The labels are also easier to see so you don't just have to use them to write more information but you could choose to write bigger, making your text even more visible. The Smead SuperTab Heavyweight Folders are much sturdier than the original manila folders are, making them perfect for storing information that you have to look at frequently because they are made to last. They also don't take up any more space in my file drawer than my regular 1/3 cut tab folders do.

The Smead Easy Grip Pocket is one of those expanding pocket folders that you don't even realize would be handy to have around the office until you actually have one. It is designed with patented non-slip grip to provide twice as much grip as a standard pocket and it requires less gripping force to remove from drawers or shelves. It is also reinforced for durability. I had some extra notebooks in my cubicle which I rarely use so I decided to see if they'd fit in the Smead Easy Grip Pocket so I could keep them together in one place to use when needed. Because the Tyvek reinforced side gussets are virtually tear proof, I was able to fit five notebooks of different sizes comfortably in the pocket, one of which was a landscape pad. It is capable of expanding up to 5-1/4 inches. I slid the pocket in between some binders and directories on my desk and each time I need to pull it out it is very easy to grip and pull, even with the weight of all the notebooks inside. If I can fit this many notebooks inside this pocket, it is definitely ideal for things such as bulky legal and account files and would be great for home and office use. is the first place I check when I'm looking for office supplies or promotional products. is where you want to go for all your office supply and office stationary needs and more. You'll also find a vast supply of promotional products at, including top promotional products under $1.00 and promotional shirts, all of which can be personalized for your business needs.


  1. I could use a few of those pocket folders here. They look like they would work well.

  2. I could use this for a number of things in my house. Thanks!

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