I Love Novica. Check Out My First Purchase....Wild Duck Handcrafted Bird Sculpture by Cesar Gonzáles

A few weeks ago I did a post about Novica and the some of the unique gifts you can find there. For doing that post, I was compensated with a $25 gift card to spend at Novica. After searching for quite a while, I found something that really spoke to me, a Wild Duck Handcrafted Bird Sculpture made by Cesar Gonzáles.

Ducks are beautiful creatures and I feel as though the duck is my animal totem. Cesar Gonzáles sculpted this exquisite wild duck sculpture using semiprecious gems of green serpentine, blue sodalite, and bright chrysocolla, crafting the bright eyes from painted glass, the realistic feet from wrought iron, and the beak from rose quartz, perching the duck on a calcite trunk. One great perk of purchasing from Novica was that I was able to find out more about the artisan who sculpted my new purchase. Born in 1962, Cesar Gonzáles has worked as a stone carver since 1988. He travels to mines in the central sierra to acquire minerals and materials of all kinds and he works with serpentine, rose manganese, calcite, celestite, red jasper, mottramite, chrysocolla, rhodochrosite and quartz. "I work in stone because of the beautiful things that can be made with each kind," he says. "I like stone's naturalness and purity of color."

The Wild Duck Handcrafted Bird Sculpture arrived gift wrapped and packaged very, very well. The actual box it was shipped in was thicker than average and the sculpture was protected by lots of padding material. My package included a gift message card and an artist story card. The duck sculpture was beautiful on Novica's site but I was mesmerized by just how beautiful it actually was once I was able to hold it in my own hand. It is very detailed and realistic looking. The colors are simply divine. This is a small sculpture that fits in the palm of my hand and it is made very well. You can tell that a lot of love went into crafting this sculpture. I love owning this sculpture. I put it in my bedroom and sit it on my jewelry box so that I can see it every single day.

What other items from Cesar Gonzáles do you like?


  1. My Hubs would love that wild duck. We have... I mean He has wild ducks sitting here and there in our house.

  2. I LOVE Novica. I am SO devoted to them. I got this necklace there that goes with absolutely everything. I got it a few years ago and have gotten a compliment on it every single time I've ever worn it. I also got my summer bathrobe from them and my husband is so jealous because we can't find a nice light man robe for hi to wear.