Review of Reynolds Wrap Pan Lining Paper

Reynolds Wrap Pan Lining Paper combines the best benefits of aluminum foil and parchment paper and is specially designed to eliminate baked-on messes and to be strong enough to let you easily remove foods from your pans without fear of ripping or tearing. The parchment side is non-stick and won't leak or tear when scooping or cutting food. The foil side makes it easy to mold to any shape or size baking pan. Simply line your pan with the parchment side towards the food, and cook as you normally would. Now, when you're finished baking or cooking, just toss the mess away. With Reynolds Wrap Pan Lining Paper, you can now spend your time on more important things than cleaning messy dishes.

I love cooking but I don't love cleaning up afterwards, especially if I have to deal with baked-on messes so I was definitely willing to give Reynolds Wrap Pan Lining Paper a try. I first baked some barbecue pork chops using the pan lining paper. I was able to mold the paper very easily to fit my pan. At the same time in another pan I also baked some breaded pork chops but I did not use any pan lining paper (basically because I prepared the breaded pork chops first and put them in the pan before I remember I had pan lining paper). The barbecue pork chops did not stick to the pan lining paper, which meant all the barbecue sauce stayed on the pork chops making them very tasty. I was very impressed. I had absolutely no mess to clean up afterwards either. All I had to do was throw the paper away. However, it was a very different story when it came to the bread pork chops that I cooked in the pan without the pan lining paper. My pork chops stuck to the pan and most of the breading came off. In fact, there was more breaking stuck to the pan than there was was on my pork chops. I had such a baked-on mess that I had to let the pan soak overnight and I still had a hard time getting it completely clean. I most recently baked a meatloaf and I made certain that I didn't forget to use pan using pan lining paper and I was once again very impressed. My meatloaf didn't stick to the pan lining paper and I was also able to cut the entire meatloaf without ripping or tearing it because it's so sturdy. Once again, I had no baked-on mess to clean up afterwards. 

Barbecue pork chops baked using Reynolds Wrap Pan Lining Paper. Nice and easy cleanup.
Breaded pork chops baked without using Reynolds Wrap Pan Lining Paper. Yikes!
Using Reynolds Wrap Pan Lining Paper definitely saves me time. I no longer have to spend time scrubbing baked-on messes and I no longer have to let my pans soak overnight. I'm definitely excited to use Reynolds Wrap Pan Lining Paper when baking casseroles and other goodies in the future. 

What are you excited about baking using Reynolds Wrap Pan Lining Paper?


  1. I use the non-stick foil a lot, and it's expensive.

  2. I could certainly use this. I use regular Reynolds Wrap, and while it works... it still sticks.