Just a Drop Personal Bathroom Odor Eliminator Review

Just a Drop is a personal bathroom odor eliminator and is as easy to use as the name suggests. You simply place one or two drops (or empty the contents of an on the go packet) directly into the toilet bowl before you go. Just a Drop is biodegradable and made from highly concentrated plant extracts, disinfectant and fragrance and it is safe to use in any toilet. It is suitable for home, office, campers, or portable toilets and will not harm septic systems. Just a Drop works by creating a deodorizing layer on the water surface that effectively traps and eliminates up to 98% of embarrassing personal bathroom odors before they have a chance to escape into the air, leaving a fresh, clean smelling bathroom, with no more need for toxic aerosol sprays that are harmful to the environment. And Just a Drop is Dr. Oz approved!

I was really excited to review Just a Drop for a couple of reasons. First of all, I work for a hospital in an off campus building with lots of other people. I hate doing my (#2) bathroom business while other people are in the bathroom but working with so many other people it's inevitable that someone is going to be in the restroom when I go in or someone is going to walk in while I'm in there. Some people don't mind at all but to me it's just plain embarrassing. Secondly, I know everyone has that one family member who just plain reeks when they go #2. I mean they stink not only the entire bathroom up but the entire house up. That particular person in my family happens to be my son. When he goes #2, everyone in the house knows it. It's been this way his entire life, almost 14 years.

Anyway, I was sent some On the Go Packets in natural eucalyptus scent for review. When I used them at work, I no longer felt embarrassed because Just a Drop did such a wonderful job eliminating any kind of disgusting bathroom odor. I was very, very impressed. I keep a couple of packets in my desk at work and they are small enough that I can discreetly slip one into my pocket when I have to go. As for my son, the Just a Drop did help eliminate a lot of his bathroom odor but wasn't able to completely eliminate it. I didn't think the entire house reeked after he went #2 when using Just a Drop, just the bathroom area. It was a nice improvement though. Some people just reek and one of those people happens to be my one and only son.

I still highly recommend Just a Drop because it did such a wonderful job eliminating my bathroom odor. Take it from me, my son just has a very abnormal bathroom odor. There are no words to describe just how bad it really is so I guess I wasn't surprised that Just a Drop couldn't eliminate it completely but in my opinion it did help. I definitely plan on purchasing some Just a Drop to keep at work and I'd like to keep some in my purse for if and when I have to go while traveling. 

Just a Drop comes in several different scents, including eucalyptus, refreshing spring, floral oasis, lemon fresh, morning rain, citrus splash, and sunshiny day. Just a Drop also comes in several different sized bottles and of course on the go packets, making Just a Drop perfect to take along in your purse or pocket while traveling. It costs less than $.02 per use. Just a Drop is not sold in stores and can be purchased from http://www.justadrop.com/ and if you use the coupon code Blogger you'll receive a 20% discount on your first purchase. If you don't love Just a Drop, they offer a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. 

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  1. I think the Spring Scent might be the one I choose, although the morning rain sounds interesting.

  2. If it would even help in the slightest with my husband's "bathroom smell" I would stock up on this forever. I'm gonna have to try it