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The Dixon Ticonderoga Company is the world’s leading supplier of quality writing and art supplies, including the Prang brand. I have to admit that even though Ticonderoga and Prang products can be found at places like Wal-Mart, Target, OfficeMax, Staples, Office Depot, Hobby Lobby, Kmart and more, I'm not very familiar with their products because when it comes to these types of products I've pretty much always been Crayola brand loyal. I love trying out new products though so when the Dixon Ticonderoga Company asked if I'd like to review some of their Prang brand products and test them against competitor brands, I couldn't refuse.

Prang Classic Art Markers vs. the Crayola Brand
Prang Classic Art Markers have bold and bright colors and as an added bonus, the Prang brand markers are made of a special ink formula that doesn't dry out even if the cap is left off for 24 hours. The Prang brand markers feature a new ventilated safety cap and they are AP Certified non-toxic. The Crayola brand is non-toxic as well and they are also made with recycled plastic and solar energy. The colors of the Prang brand makers are much more bolder and brighter than the Crayola brand markers. Neither bleed through the paper though. All the caps are white so you don't have to worry about matching a specific color cap to a specific marker if you happen to have the lids off more than one at a time and the shapes of the caps also keep them from getting away from you while drawing, coloring, etc., unlike the Crayola brand. Both markers wash off the skin easily with soap and water. Neither brand of markers bled through the paper. While the Crayola brand markers are made with the environment in mind, I think the Prang Classic Art Markers did a better job performance wise. 

Prang Large Triangular Colored Pencils have bold, stunning colors. They are made of a unique triangular shape, which doesn't allow them to get away from you while drawing, coloring, etc., unlike the Crayola brand. Their large size makes them easy to grasp. They seem to be very durable. The lead in the Prang colored pencils measures 5.5 mm while the lead in the Crayola brand only measures 3.3 mm, which is a very noticeable difference. The colors of the Prang brand colored pencils are much more vivid than the Crayola brand colored pencils. The Prang brand colored pencils are PMA and AP certified non-toxic. The Crayola brand is non-toxic as well and also made from reforested wood, which means they are made from wood taken from special tree farms grown specifically for gathering wood and are not part of the tropical rain forest. Both brands of colored pencils come pre-sharpened but as an added bonus, the Prang brand comes with a pencil sharpener. My teenage son was so impressed with the Prang Large Triangular Colored Pencils that he asked if he could swap them with the Crayola brand that he already had in his backpack ready for the first day of school and of course I said he could. While the Crayola brand is more environmentally friendly, I think the Prang brand did a better job performance wise and I was impressed with the fact that the  Prang colored pencils caught my teenage son's attention. 

Prang Oval Semi-Moist Watercolors vs. the RoseArt Brand
The Prang Oval Semi-Moist Watercolors set comes with eight watercolors and a sturdy wood-handled paintbrush. The watercolors come out easily and can be replaced by refills. There is a built-in mixing area as well. The case is made of a strong plastic. The Washable Watercolors by RoseArt set comes with eight watercolors and a paintbrush, which is plastic. The watercolors in both sets are certified non-toxic and they all wash off the skin easily with soap and water. The RoseArt brand had a cardboard insert inside the case and when pulling it off, it stuck to some of the colors, which never completely came off. The colors in both sets are very vibrant and I couldn't choose which colors I liked best. I did like the Prang brand case and brush better though. The RoseArt brand case and brush seem cheaply made while the Prang brand case and brush seem very well made and sturdy, with the brush being bigger as well. If I had to choose one, I'd go with the Prang Oval Semi-Moist Watercolors just because the case and brush are made so much better and the watercolors can be refilled. 

 I painted the above simple picture with both brands of watercolors just to give you an idea of what they both looked lik. The top half of my picture was painted with the Prang brand and the bottom half with the RoseArt brand.

Ticonderoga 30ct Sharpened Pencils vs. the "Other" Brand
The Ticonderoga is said to be the world's best pencil, crafted with premium wood from well managed forests  with a top quality, latex-free eraser and a finish that contains Microban anti-microbial protection that inhibits the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria on the pencil and we all know there are all kinds of bacteria floating around schools just waiting for the next victim. They are also certified non-toxic. They are made with an exclusive graphite core formula, giving you extra smooth performance, with a stain smooth finish to enhance writing comfort. I love that they come pre-sharpened, which means on the first day of school my son can start working without having to stand in line with all the other kids who are getting their pencils ready too. Compared to the "other" brand, the Ticonderoga 30ct Sharpened Pencils look much nicer on paper. Overall, the Ticonderoga pencils just look much nicer and not so cheaply made as the "other" brand, which is why my pick is the Ticonderoga 30ct Sharpened Pencils.  

Next time I need to purchase school supplies, etc., I'm definitely going to be purchasing a lot more Ticonderoga and Prang products. What about you....have you ever tried Ticonderoga or Prang products? I hope you will now after reading my review because they are fantastic!

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  1. I have never tried Ticonderoga or Prang products, but I am heading over now to check them out. Thanks