Review of Soft Touch 6 Blade System for Women From Dorco

With headquarters in San Diego, CA, Dorco is the leading distributor of technologically advanced and superior quality disposable shavers, shaving systems, and shaving accessories for both men and women. Innovation and technological advancement are trademark traits of Dorco and by leveraging these core assets, Dorco's goal is to deliver an exceptional shaving experience for all who use their products. Dorco's products are designed for you, the shaver, and they are diligently working to improve your shaving experience to make it an exceptional one. You will find Dorco's products in over 97 countries.

Dorco was kind enough to send me a Soft Touch  6 Blade System for Women to review. This razor is equipped with a double 3 bladed bendable cartridge for a closure and neater shave, a moisturizing band containing aloe, vitamin E, and lavender to make your sensitive skin feel soft and comfortable after shaving, and an open architecture on the back of the blade cartridge to make it easy to rinse the blades. 

My favorite part about this razor is the double 3 bladed bendable cartridge. It made it very easy follow the curves of my legs, especially around the knee area, without fear of nicking myself. Many razors on the market today claim to be bendable and follow your curves but the Soft Touch  6 Blade System for Women from Dorco is the only razor that I have ever used that actually does. I didn't have to shave over the same area more than once because it didn't miss hairs the first time around. I have very sensitive skin and after shaving with this razor my skin felt extremely smooth and comfortable afterwards. This razor is designed in a way that it's easy to grip. The open architecture on the back of the blade cartridge makes it easier to clean when I'm finished shaving.

Dorco razors, systems, and cartridges (for men and women) are 30-70% less cheaper than the leading brands, making them affordable for the entire family. As my son is almost 14 years old, I have a feeling he'll need to start shaving soon, making the fourth member of our family requiring razors. I'll definitely be purchasing some combo packs from Dorco soon. I'm thinking Dorco razors are affordable enough that they will make some great stocking stuffers this Christmas as well. 

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  1. 6 blades... that should really get all those hard to get stray hairs.