Review of Disney Princess Bear in Sleeping Beauty Costume From Build-A-Bear

Who doesn't love a Teddy Bear. I mean, the Teddy Bear is an American icon, being around since the early 1900's. At Build-A-Bear Workshop, their mission is to bring the Teddy Bear to life because when you think of a Teddy Bear you can't help but to be reminded of warm thoughts about childhood, about friendship, about trust and comfort, and also about love. Build-A-Bear Workshop embodies those thoughts in how they run their business everyday. I absolutely adored my Teddy Bears as a little girl and I'm lucky enough to still have a couple of them. As far as that goes, I still love Teddy Bears and love getting them as gifts. When Build-A-Bear sent me a Disney Princess Bear in Sleeping Beauty Costume I knew exactly who I was going to give it to, my niece, and on her 9th birthday. 

This Disney Princess Bear is a royal gift fit for a princess and my niece is exactly that (on most days). She is a very considerate little girl and cares deeply about others so I wanted her birthday gift from us to make her feel extra special. This beautiful 16 inch pink teddy comes with a Sleeping Beauty Costume, White Satin Panties, Pink Gem Heels, and a Glow-In-The-Dark Blonde Wig. She absolutely about lost it when she opened up the box and found this Disney Princess Bear inside. She was so excited and couldn't stop saying how cute she was. She loved everything about her new bear and the Sleeping Beauty Costume she was wearing. When she took off one of the bear's shoes, she discovered something else that excited her....a special Disney Princess pattern on one of her paw pads with a picture of some of the Disney princesses.  

The Disney Princess Bear in Sleeping Beauty Costume is very soft and is the perfect size for cuddling. Her pink fur is very soft as well. Her costume is very detailed and is made extremely well. Her shoes even have rubber soles and are easy to take off and put back on. Her wig is easy to attach, as well as her pink crown. And after being in the light for 20-30 minutes, her wig glows in the dark, which is a very fun feature for my niece who doesn't particularly like the dark. Her wig  is made very well also and is long enough that it will be easy for my niece to style in different styles and even decorate with some of her own hair bows. Build-A-Bear carries a variety of other princess outfits and accessories that I'll definitely be ordering for my niece for Christmas to go with her newest bear friend. 

What about you...what are some of your favorite friends and/or accessories at  Build-A-Bear?

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