Look What I Got From Ultra PRO

Founded in 1952, Ultra PRO has been designing and manufacturing top quality products, including sports and gaming collectibles accessories, photo and scrapbooking albums and pages, couponing kits, and Ultra Sleeves (disposable, protective sleeves for computer tablets). You can find Ultra PRO products in thousands of hobby shops, toy stores and other retailers worldwide. In addition, you can order Ultra Sleeves through their online store. Anyway, I recently won a giveaway from Ultra PRO and they sent me a box of very nice items, including a pack of Ultra Sleeves, a 3-Ring Photo and Scrapbook Album, a PRO Photo Album, and three packs of photo refill pages for various size photos.

Ultra Sleeves are clear, protective, and disposable (and recyclable) sleeves that fit computer tablets and e-readers such as iPads and Kindles. Ultra Sleeves are made of FDA approved material that contains no PVC and the plastic film used to make the sleeves contains special additives to eliminate static electricity. They are water resistant and provide protection against abrasive materials. The dual adjustable adhesive closure is resealable, allowing you to open and close it back up with ease for battery charging. Ultra Sleeves do not effect Wi-Fi or Data Network Reception Strength. Ultra Sleeves maintain touch sensitivity, screen clarity, and camera functionality. Ultra Sleeves are compatible with Smart Covers and Stylus Pens. They are also perfect for keeping germs off your device. 

I was able to easily slide my Kindle Fire HD into an Ultra Sleeve without any problems. The sleeve is very well made and seems rather durable. I was then able to easily put my Kindle back into its cover and the smart function (which automatically wakes and puts it to sleep) still worked properly. While having this sleeve on my Kindle does make the screen look a tad bit fuzzier than usual, it does a remarkable job at keeping my screen smudge free (which is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to using my Kindle). All the functions work properly and I can still use my stylus pen and I have access to all the buttons. I can easily take my Kindle out of the sleeve for charging and put it back into the sleeve and it seals back just like it did the very first time. With  Ultra Sleeves, you can take your device with you virtually anywhere, such as to the gym, the beach, around the pool, the park, camping, concerts, your workshop, the bathroom, restaurants, etc. and keep it protected from things like splashes and spills, sand, dirt, dust, and germs.
The 3-Ring Photo and Scrapbook Album in Bordeaux (also available in brown) holds up to 50 Ultra PRO 8-1/2 x 11 3-hole photo pages (sold separately). It looks very elegant with its soft, luxurious, richly padded cover. It has a front cover window with accenting trim that can be personalized to display a favorite photo. In the back of the album, there is a CD pocket and SD Memory Card pocket to store digital photo files. As an added bonus, Ultra PRO offers a personalized engraving plate for this product. Visit Ultra PRO for more details. I was able to easily add the photo pages that I received to the album right away. I received 10 - 4 x 6 page refills (holds 60) and 10 - 3-1/2 x 5 page refills (holds 100). I also received an assorted pack of photo refill pages which included two each of 35 mm negative refills (holds 84), 5 x 7 photo pages (holds 8), 8 x 10 photo pages (holds 4), storage sheet with protective flat, and 9-pocket photo pages (holds 36). All the pages are acid free, archival safe, contain no PVC, and are high clarity. The photo pages seem very durable and keep my photos intact. I love that Ultra PRO makes photo pages to hold different size pictures because I have so many pictures of my kids, especially 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 photos, that these are going to be perfect for. This album is especially great for holding school pictures, team pictures, and other professionally taken photographs in addition to snapshots. These pages are also a great way to keep my photos organized and I love when things are organized. The 3-Ring Photo and Scrapbook Album would make the perfect wedding, baby shower, or graduation gift and I do wish it came in more colors specifically for that reason. I'm using mine as a photo album but it would make a wonderful scrapbook as well. My ultimate plan is to order more photo pages and add my kids school, sports, and professional pictures starting from when they were small until now so I can reminisce and see how much they have grown over the years.
The PRO Photo Album in black (also available in brown) has a richly padded, smooth leatherette cover. It will hold 96 - 4 x 6 prints. The pages are acid free and contain no PVC. It includes inside cover pockets for CD and SD Media Card. As a bonus, there are self adhesive ID labels included that special notes, captions, dates, etc. can be written on and stuck to an "extra space" near where each picture inserts. Ultra PRO offers a personalized engraving plate for this album as well. Visit Ultra PRO for more details. This is a very professional looking album. The album itself and the pages all seem to be very durable. The pictures easily load from the side. I love the snap closure, which I don't often see in albums. This is a great album for holding all those snap shots I have lying around the house. 

While you are unable to order products directly from Ultra PRO's website at this time (they are working on integrating that), you can order the above Ultra PRO products on Amazon here. To find out more about Ultra PRO and their products, you can connect on:


  1. I could really use that sleeve, I just wrecked my iPad cover! Thanks for the info!

  2. Whoooo Hoooo... good for you. Never heard of Ultra Sleeves but I know a lot of people who could use these.

  3. I need that Ultra Sleeve! I currently use gallon sized Ziploc bags for my iPad. I put it behind the sink when I do dishes, and have even had it on the edge of the bathtub.