Do You Do A Family Game Night?

While out and about last evening, my son asked me if we could all play a board game together when we got home and I had to say no because it was nearly 7 o'clock already and nobody had their showers yet and I had to get up early the next day for work. I mentioned the idea of us maybe having a family game night once in a while and he was all for it. He has several board games (but honestly none that I really like to play). So I was browsing on Amazon this morning looking at games when I came across several games that I felt would appeal to each one in the family. I narrowed it down to two and ordered Mad Gab and Smart Ass. I've never played either but they both sound really fun. I really hope we are able to fit in a family game night at least a few times a month. It would be nice way to spend time with each other. My kids play games together every once in a while but they really like when we play too.

I remember when I was young we'd sometimes have family over and we'd end up playing Monopoly for hours. I thought it was a lot of fun. I also remember plenty of other times when my parents were too busy and told me no and it just broke my heart. I mean, they would buy me the board games and then wouldn't make the time to play them with me. Therefore, I think a family game night is important and would be lots of fun anyway, especially since the kids are on board with it.

What about you, do you do a family game night? Have you ever played Smart Ass or Mad Gab? What kind of games do you and your family like to play? How do you make game night special or fun? Since I'm new at this sort of thing, I'm looking for ideas!

I'll let you know how our family game night goes.

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  1. With there just being myself and my Hubs, I don't do a family game night.... but when the kids all come over, we do have games ready.