Review of Kids' Jibbitz Comber Sunglasses by Crocs

Do you know what Jibbitz are? More than likely you've seen them dozens of times and didn't even know what they were called. Well, Jibbitz are those cute little charms that started out decorating Crocs shoes. Jibbitz made the Crocs shoes more fun in that kids (and even adults) could decorate them to match their personalities. Now, Crocs carries multiple items that can be decorated with Jibbitz, including kids sunglasses.

I had the opportunity to review a pair of Kids' Jibbitz Comber Sunglasses in shiny fuchsia color with the Yummy Cupcake (plain) and the Rhinestone Shelly Jibbitz charms. These sunglasses have a classic vintage style and offer 100% protection from harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. There are Jibbitz joints in the temples to make these sunglasses more fun for kids and allow them to personalize their sunglasses with their favorite Jibbitz charms. The Jibbitz charms went on and off easily but stayed in place. The sunglasses and the charms are made very well because my clumsy 8-year-old niece dropped the Rhinestone Shelly charm on the kitchen floor and to my surprise the rhinestone didn't fall off like I suspected it would. If I know my niece, she'll be taking these charms off all the time to play with them. My niece said the Kid's Jibbitz Comber Sunglasses were "much better" than her other pair. They fit her perfectly and looked so cute on her. She's a girly girl so the cupcake and rhinestone turtle charms fit her personality perfectly but if she'd ever like to change things up, there are hundreds more Jibbitz charms to choose from and they are decently priced so you wouldn't be breaking the bank if you picked up a couple at a time. The Kids' Jibbitz Comber Sunglasses comes in four different colors so they appeal to both little boys and girls.

Crocs carries items for the whole family to enjoy. You can find the Kids' Jibbitz Comber Sunglasses with a charm at Walgreen's for $12.99. You can connect with Crocs on Twitter and Facebook.

What will you be ordering from Crocs?


  1. I had no idea Crocs had sun glasses.... those are some pretty snazzy ones too.

  2. We're outside every day now and my kids are out there squinting. Time to make a trip to the store!